Some levels I got today

Today i decided to have a little tidy up with some lvls, i didn’t get any pics of when i actually got the lvl up so i’ll put a pic of my stats up.

I got the crafting from 57-60 and smithing from 58-60.

Next aims are agility 60, slayer 55+, rc 60+, farming 40, wc 90, fletch 85.

Once all them goals done, train combat up a bit, then for 85 slayer.

wow. thats t3h pur3 l337 0wn@g3 rite there. great jareb. wootage@!!! 300th post!!! mayb ill have a drop prty…ah nvm ill wait till GR noble.

Lolz, thanks :slight_smile:

You own me in everything except 4 farming, nice job jimbob :slight_smile:

Lolz, who doesn’t own me in farming?? Cheers mate.

Nice stats, but dont bother with 85 slayer. You probably will give up on it and its not worth it since it will take you months and months and months, and then more months to get it. And then they never drop any whips and they’ll be even cheaper by the time you get it.

I thought about that and decided to only get it to 55.

Thanks for the great stats