Some noobs nowadays

God i hate it when I’m mining some ore and then people come up to you and start calling you a noob and tell you to go away.

Sad aint it?

btw wats a choob? :stuck_out_tongue:

i agree with you, i get the same thing

…and ive been playing for a long time

ya i agree too, if those guys got nothing better to do than make fun of ppl, there the losers

i don’t get it… ur like lvl 80 and he called u a noob? that’s pathetic

Some people just don’t like it if they get their own way.

A choob is another way of saying noob, it also means you’re stupid aswell.

Heh. I asked some one what it was and he said its a high lvl person thats still a noob…what an idiot to be honest.

lol choob is like noob, or froob, or cloob. just another paraphrased noob word

LOL this may not be the best thing. But then he got hes un-holy symbol stolen. HAHAHA


Yeah man. What an idiot :stuck_out_tongue:

lol… it’s annoying when random people comes up to you and starts calling you names… it’s not nice either…

Yeah i know what you mean :frowning: it sucks

thats basically my reason for staying out of lumby…way to many noobs or as they call others “choobs”

I wernt in lummy. In fact i was in Members world in the crafting guild…which suprises me really.

rolf, what a loser, srry, but u just had the most pouplar non random event’ the piece of shit tramp ass noob that calls u names.

Yes, yes i did :slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, the noob population is growing along with the amount of rs players. And if you didnt know, a foob is a f-ing noob and a froob is a f-ing retarted noob incase you ever here that kind of language.

Man! That’s not very nice. These people deserve to be wiped off the game. I hope you reported them.

well, i have been playing for 4 years and i was a pioneer of the word choob (truthfully) when me and some friends (i have lost contact with them unfortunately) used the word 3 and a half years ago we used choob in the meaning of “chicken and noob”

that is funny but noobs need to get a life