Some pks i had

I tried to get some pks but i always 4get…i only take a photo after killing. :mad:

I killed this guy easy, he didn’t even eat…full inventory lobs.

First, there was this mage at the castle and she asked if she could team. But my bro and i said no and both of us hit her and she died! Yay!!

At last!!! I remembered to take a screenshot of me right-clicking!!
Oooooooo, I love this kill, i changed to my mith 2h and hit him 7 and he died.:smiley: He came back and he told me he would buy addy scimmy and str ammy for 12k. Yay!!!:smiley:

This should be in the wilderness section but if your a low lvl nice kills.

^^^ thats exactly what I was gonna say :\

For a low level, they’re quite good kills. By the way, what kind of pker are you?


this shud be in wilderness section u shud pm a mod to move it
not bad kills i suppose

nice kills for yo lvl

This goes in Wilderness section :D.

Ive seen these pks before…

wildy section and what is your cmb lev?

alright pks i guess…but only 1 pile pic…but there good cause the way you wrote what you got made me laugh so i give ya 6/10

takes pics of the piles next times :slight_smile: