Some rumor...

I heard some strange rumor that there are clans working to exterminate wizards and mages. Is this true?

U can’t trust any1 over the net so asume everything u hear as a rumor and act surprised if it is real.

(u can trust me) lol

hmm, if it is true…then no one can hurt anyone unless in the wild

Stay out of the wild and you will be fine. Besides, mages can hold their own.

Knowing this place is safe, I am a mage but i don’t think my magic is enough

Get a double blade goin’ raise your ranged level or melee levels…and always have a good defense level.

im only lvl 29 right now so i am vunerable. My magic is pathetic though, I can only afford to cast Basic elemental missiles because of runecraft limitations.

Make lots of mind runes and all of those, sell them…and buy chaos runes. done and done. :smiley:

ok…but chaos runes are not as plentiful as mind…

if clans were working to get rid of anything, it would be rangers i would think…rangers are big competion and own wilderness, mostly.

but this might be true, they might not want to get rid of them, but just to pk them more, think about it…they have lots of runes and valuable items.

i have heard of one in Port Sarim and possibly in Falador, its something to do with a hate of mages that is all i know. It seems sailor towns hate mages alot. Ive even heard of mages hating mages

but it doesn’t matter whether the’re the queen of england. mages or any1 for that matter can;t hurt u outside the wildyness

the only problem now is that chaos runes are at 90gp each and mind are worth 3gp each :frowning:

and what has that got to do with the topic???


sorry for going offtopic, but i need runes to defend and to use…anyway, i know there everywhere, with spies lurking near me

spies…lol this probably isnt true…and these clans cant take over every world in wildy

lol u guys sound like ur being stalked which is kinda stupid since they cant do nething outside of the wild

we all know that cant do anything if we arnt in wild! we know! stop repeating it

hmm…i still dont get though, why would people hate mages?

if they wanted to extermiate mages they would rise the price of runes threw the roof, no mage would buy runes at to high prices…and runecrafting wouldnt stop it because mage need in large ammouts.