Some Solo MB Kills...

I love to solo at mb, and though im only 106 I manage a few kills :blush:

A lvl 85 in full mystic, got two hit

Some 106 talking crap…25-26 dagger ko Full rune and d scimmy here

A 109 in full mystic, two hit by some amazing specials…


With bk…figured id throw it in there

Good job sport, better than what I can do. I would love to get some of those kills.

Jeez Sports… You make me want to cry. I wish I could pk with you again. I think I might get members again soon.

aww dpnt cry my little mosa :sorry:

so, u pk at the mb? wheres that? just wanna kno. but also nice pks.

ooo, nice pks :smiley:

LOL @ lvl 85.
Great kills.

nice kills sport, just don’t run into a clan of high lvls that tb u there and then non-multi team =p

wow. thats some nice kills. good job ay.

nice set of kills their mate! would love to have any 1 of those ! =(

Some nice kills, Mind selling me some full mystic for a cheap price?

more gd kills congrats

wow great job sport :smiley:

Nice kills Sport, always what to expect from you ;).

Hey sport

Nice ko’s there keep it up!

happens every half an hour…you just go and log out

I love kills like them, pity the never happen to me o.O

wow, thats very nice kills… i dont get that good kills:( but nice job:D

what is mb

hey very nice kills! gl wiv pkin