Some Stats and PKs from RSR's favourite pure.


82 mage drags pking - you average 1 rune kill every 15 minutes.

So I’m at the drags, and I get teamed by a bunch of level 67-71 noobies (4)- one has an obby shield even, I go after him. I nearly have him dead when I run out of food. I tele, (Have laws for tb, airs for zammy flames, and waters for entangle) then I get my friend levle 62 impure ranger to log in. I add their entire team, message them to go to giants, and th is is what happened. (Also, I had 100k cash in my invy the whole time lol)

kinda cool i like the last kill and nice magic :smiley:

2 dragon longs! Nice pks and magic level

Some great pk’s there m8 keep up the good pking work.

nice pks nd mage lvl shud get an ancienter partner

^I don’t think ur the favourite pker but nice kills anyway

Nice pks and nice magic lvl. Those noobs actually listened 2 u wen u said come 2 giants! lol

^I don’t think ur the favourite pker but nice kills anyway

Sniff Can’t a man dream?

:stuck_out_tongue: 82 mage 71 attack 70 str 31 prayer at level 67 owns most of you. :stuck_out_tongue: Hardc0re has some better ones probably though.

My favourite pure is icefire.

lol I liked L3g4cy before he got 60 def…

yeah no rsr favourite pker… and i wouldnt consider that good when there bound to be pures owned byb rsr members over 80 combat

btw whats your cb lvl?

nice kills on last one did you bring the 100k or did some noob bring to wildy?

combat level 67, and I brought the money to get people to attack me. I was kidding about the title lol, I don’t even post here much. :stuck_out_tongue:

lol what did you say like “i got 100k kill me please” lol

It’s more like, “Can I have some teleports please, I have this money but I’m afraid I’ll get pked on the way out.” or, “LOL look what I just found.” It works well with a whip, too. Little do they know I can actually use it. :o

ya those r good except one thing… u have too much pride… not thats bad but i just think its disrespecting ur opponent to call them noob and such… unless they are really gay then its ok :slight_smile: gj tho

nice levels and great pks…can we see a stat picture please?

Is that the pure you were staking on?

Cool Beans, Cool beans. :o