some truth about spinach roles

ok theres been a lot of questions about spinach roles these days. some people say there rare some say there worthless. heres some of the places you can get them.
mysterious old man
moss giants
rune mysteries quest

theres the only places you can get them so the question still exists are they rare. right now there not rare. but u have seen before things go up in value. i think that in about 2 years the price will almost double. but thats just me post ur thoughts.

Yeah I think they will get rarer over time… Not sure how much exactly they’re worth now…

and u can sell them at store for 0gp.

…and they’re completely worthless and near usless, and always will be. This has also been discussed loads of times before.

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they r worthless atm. u c noobs tryin 2 sell em like 500k but w/e the price will never go up cuz they r continusly(spelling?) bein givin away.

spinach rolls suck i got like 5 from moss giants yesterday

can u gimme ur sig pls and how do i get a sig can u help me pls

I think i had one once , but i dropped one floor lmao what do i want with it , then again i was like lvl 3 or so im nto sure…

Lol yeah i have like 20 in my bank…same with wine of zammy is it rare now days?Cuz i see ppl selling wine of zammy for 800k…LOL.

how u can get it in rune mysteries.

they arent rare cos they are also a drop from moss giants, u get em in the dragonstone chest, and u get em from MOMS.
for once and for all, THERE NOT RARE!!!
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Theres this guy near the mossies above ardy. He sells spinach rolls for like 5 gp.