some useful items for sale

i am a lvl 65 pker and i have tons and tons of useless stuff in my bank from pking all these ppl. well one mans junk is another man’s treasure so here’s a list of all the stuff i’ve got.
Addy pl8skirt(g)- pked a lvl 61 im not a girl so i dont want it. selling for 85k or anything around that
2 mith sqs- completely useless any noobs who want for 1.2k put me on friend.
3 str ammys- boosts str weapon bonus by 10 selling 4k each
5def ammys- increases all defense stats by 7. selling 1.5 k each
6 magic ammys- increses magic attack bonis by tem or something great for nooby mages. 1k each
steel axe- totally useless selling 250gp
70 gold ores- pked some dum miners with gold on em 125 each
12 mith ores-pked soem very weakling miners 150 each
blk 2hander- pretty rare selling 7.5 pked moron blk armour person lvl 51
uncut saphire- pked moron miner. i dont craft so im sellin 250gp
uncut emerald-300gp
uncut ruby- 600gp
air staff- pked stupid mage 1.2k
19nats-pked mage who casted bones to bananas lol 225 each
studded body-pked stupid ranger 750gp
studded chaps-dum ranger dropped it owned him selling 650 gp

My username is gear61. put me on friend if u want anything. don’t play much though only on weekends.

I’ll buy a str ammy

post your user if u want stuff.

my rs name is the same as here: marsgars

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i will buy a str ammy…my user is someone148 2

I’ll buy nats
add me


Ill buy all ur gold ore. darkphenix1

1 strength ammy ill buy add