someone asked me to get a pic of this

someone, i do not remember who asked me to get a picture of a wave spell hitting a monster, so here you go! (and for the person who asked for a pic of iban blast, sorry i was out of deaths but ill take a picture when i get more)

thats a hard pic to get

lol yea it is hard to get, i had to make a few tries before i got it

lol that what u killing right now is them black demons

yes, those are black demons

r u killing black demons right now

Sweet 8)

u there

no, i am not currently fighting black demons for i am out of runes and am looking to buy some death and earth runes

u posted this yesterday

no, yesterday i posted a picture of wind wave, and someone asked for a picture of wind wave “hitting the monster” so i posted it because they requested that

ya u dont pay atention

lol, o, ok… :? :? :smiley: :smiley:

thats a nice job with that pic man u took i give it 9/10 good job man!!

ill give it a 10/10 nice job

that was me… =) thx for the pic
ps sorry if u wasted your runes lol

He was there killing them anyways for the xp, he didnt make a special trip to go do this I believe

yea, sport is right, i was training, you did not waste my runes :smiley:

nice 9/10

You got some great timing there. Looks good!