Someone with good calculating skills

I would like someon to tell me the overall net worth of all this stuff :P.

BTW The arrows are rune

EDIT: I just found a d long and another rune large and rune legs I forgot to put in pic :slight_smile: So…Add 185k to that calculation :slight_smile:

Im gonna take another screenie to show u :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT!!!: here is the proof :slight_smile:

Id say around 12-15 million gold.
Lol, my brain started hurting after some of the rune armor. :lol:

Lol I dont think thats even 8 mil…ill check brb :stuck_out_tongue:

I did it, its a whopping 7.57 mil :stuck_out_tongue:

All that stuff is now for sale :P:P

WOW! nice bank… but im to tired to do math right now sry…

I’ll buy those 400 iron ore for keyser’s price.

this hurts my head, i liek the items u got…
11 mill around that much