Something Funny To Do.

Go to and type in French military victories and click the I’m feeling lucky option. Look what comes up. I found this funny, I tried it after I read it on Hopefully no-ones offended by this, I’m part French and find it funny myself.

meh…could u post what it says? i dont wanna accidentally click on something bad like a porn site or anything…the internets full of em

Lol, chaos go do it, it’s funny…

The joke is that nothing comes up.

Lol and click on defeats, it goes to a funny page!

The french military victories thing is a page on albinoblacksheep.

lol okay then…ill try it but u guys better not be settin me up for somethin ima get in trouble for! grr…lol. ill try it hold up.

snicker he fell for it!

Eww!!! o cmon guys! that was uncalled for! makin me fall for that trick! thats a filthy dirty website im gonna get grounded for weeks now!
lol jk jk i havent tried it yet, my stupid internet isnt workin i cant bring up another google.

Dez is also well known, well guys I am off to Tae Kwon do, see you, you know what that means Gc :wink:

After you do that, bring your father into the room and type “porn” and click im feeling lucky.

Funniest site ever… It doesn’t work right if your dad isn’t there though :wink:

Edit: Izzy!

lol, thats reallly funny…good job

…Nice goin Xgod. tellin me to do that. u said it was a funny site but my dad didnt think it was too funny…mumbles stupid Xgod gettin me in trouble…meh meh “doesnt work unless your dads in the room with you” meh not gonna fall for that again…

The joke is when you hit I’m feeling lucky nothing comes up and it says “Did you mean French military defeats?”

Lol thats great but i didnt do the one x-god said.My dad would kill meh!
So the french never won a war…LOL…But theirs one scary fact about google…Type in your Phone number and it should come up with your adress and parents names…

That’s not realy scary, I think it could be usefull. It’s just an online phone book pretty much.

They’ve won many wars (WWII, for example). The im feeling lucky takes you to a page on albinoblacksheep

What are you talking about XGod? That’s not what comes up on my computer when I search. Copy and paste it exactly how I spelled it.

Also, I know the French have won many wars, it’s just funny to me that it says that on google when you search.

Do the google search, but click search. Not I’m feeling lucky. The first site is albinoblacksheep which is a remaking thing of google.

Im feeling lucky sends you to the first site on the list.

Nothing showed up when I hit I’m feeling lucky all that happend was it said “Did you mean French military defeats?”