something that involves fullmetal alchamist and runescape

when i was playen runescape i grew a lvl then it says now you now can use high lvl alchamy then i notice it had the word alchamy in it then i figured out how they were in common because (if your a full metal alchamist fan youl be knoing wat im talkin about) in full metal alchamist theres a science called alchamy and you can turn something into stuff ex:if you use alchamy on wood it will become a tree and if you use alchamy on led it will turn into gold.iits wered i notice that a week ago. :?

welle heres the definition, it may help you:

A medieval chemical philosophy having as its asserted aims the transmutation of base metals into gold, the discovery of the panacea, and the preparation of the elixir of longevity.

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By definition, alchemy is a chemistry that was used to turn base metals like lead into gold. Of course, it didnt really work, but it became the basis of modern chemistry.

So yes, in a way its the same. High alchemy changes base metal Rune into gold.

Base wood into something more complex, a tree.

Still doesnt stop the fact that they both rock.

wow cool didnt kno that

Pretty nice