Something you dont see everyday

2 guys with full dragon

i no u cant see it in the pic but combat lvls were 78 and 88

Lol now that’s a rare site! And you’re the guy on the left, with full dragon right… Holy :censored: I wish I had that armor!!


thats awesome thats like 90mil or more in armor in that room

eh not too amazing. all u need is a money-making main… I’ve seen a lvl 68 with full dragon armor.

~:crazy: spartan

I saw this level 40 with full dragon… Only one problem… He didn’t have 60 defence! LOL!


lol nice catching that. cept if ur the one with rune boots i suggest sell em and just use desert boots. rune boots dont match anything with full drag lol.

didnt say it was amazing, just that u dont see it everyday

wow ur rich… i dont even have enough $$$$$ to buy the dragon chain =S and what did u do to make ur money??

bryan he had some rares and just sold them because they have all gona up a ton

i saw a levle 68 merchant at duel arena with full dragon and whip… i was like… dam merchants…

a lvl 68 with full drag?..which means he had: done Legends, had 60 defence, and 70 attack??? did u catch his name??

and so i just if you dont see that everyday im lucky that i saw three guys with full drag and whip on zammys team for c wars. they were a castle wars clan via

wow…the guy in the left has rune boots=)…wish i had that…