Sooo happy

I am so glad let free players use willow and maple bows!

Same here! 8)
Hope they get more updates for us.

Pfft… I’m sure there will be moer updates for us f2pers but don’t expect any in the near future… I think this has been the only update given to us as well ever since the big move to RS2… The other “updates” were merely tweaks to how the game will work from that moment on…

its kinda sad that your happy over that… most rangers on f2p arent the greatest anyway… and plus, like other guy said, your last update was being able to do rune mysteries when it switched over… and better lumby graphics… WOOHOOO LUMBY GRAPHICS

me too now the f2pers will stop complaining for a bit :smiley:

yea but its still a cool up date