sorry every1

every1 on runescape realm im very sorry if i have offended you or broken any rules i promise i will stop… i hope now every1 will start to trust me agree with me again ty acosta89

sry dude but until u really start showing some respect to ppl then im not forgiving u. i was gonna until u had to fit in that little smart-ass remark on ur topic “ahhh noobs” so if u want my respect ur gonna have to do a lot more than just apologize. like Xabllistica tried starting shit wit me and guess what happened to him? murdered him in wildy and hes not on RSR anymore. better watch who ur talkin shit to.

Hey acosta89, it’s alrite, I think you didn’t mean for this to happen out of all of your recent posts… You’re a good guy, you just need to think before you post. And that thing about the noobs in my opinion, wasn’t that great

i watched the fight in the other topic about selling acount which is actually fake, and i think you have a long way to go…

yea go choasnoob ohhhhhh u got burned

lol killbill…devon u loser :stuck_out_tongue:

George Clooney is my homeboy, still havent found the bunny in Rite Aid…:frowning:

dam hes benn up threre for like 2 years he hates use now ohhh and bush is up there kill him

i know dude, we need to get him down…i mean 2 years! man…Rileys a cocklock

lol good idea

when he sees his sister peep peep peep “hey sister iam horney can i anal u” riley said

lmao Riley…that loser.
its sickening but true…about his sister. and his mom hates u devon…

ty maliburd u r a good guy too

wow this got outta hand quick… lmfao

I agree ogo, where did killbill come from?