SOTM April -OPEN for Entries-

~SOTM April~

Welcome to Signature of the Month April! This is the official entry topic. In order to participate you need to post your signature entry here, do NOT message it to myself to enter.
PS: Sorry about the delay folks!

[li]Must have the words “SOTM April” on the signature.
[/li][li]Must have the participants username on the signature aswell.
[/li][li]Only one entry per person.
[/li][li]You are only allowed to enter signatures made by yourself.
[/li][li]If you have already entered a signature, you may not change your entry.
[/li][li]The maximum entry size is 500x175 pixels.
[/li][li]You have until April 25th to enter your signature.[/ul]
[li]This months theme will be Anime; Anime is a category which all of you probably have heard of. I will accept all signatures that contain anything Anime.[/ul]
[li]The winner of SOTM March will recieve a custom barsignature/trophy.[/ul]

Entry 1 - Ece Zdawg671

Entry 2 - ksouth

Entry 3 - Runescapeguy

Entry 4 - Polo

Entry 5 - Doublea81

Entry 6 - Malibubrad

Entry 7 - Monkey11107

Entry 8 - texaslax133

Entry 9 - 1slip_knot1

Entry 10 - Krishna270

Entry 11 - big j dizzle

Entry 12 - damaster370

Entry 13 - K0shi Rikd0

Entry 14 - Nestor344

Entry 15 - Damaster37 ~ Disqualified as per request.

Entry 16 - Duke Runedude

Entry 17 - Starsiege

Entry 18 - Flip_pnoy_b_0_y

Entry 19 - benunyolo94

Entry 20 - sk8ter2good

Entry 21 - signature Master - Disqualified for signature BG ripping

Entry 22 - arcdemons1

Entry 23 - Phoenix1300

Entry 24 - Fruitybird

Entry 25 - dadude911

Entry 26 - Fallon009

Entry 27 - -Maikel-

Entry 28 - Lokevin

Entry 29 - Digit Marathon

Entry 30 - steveinater

Entry 31 - Burnzie27

Entry 32 - Karma Green

Entry 33 - swordsmann6

[RIGHT]SOTM Brought to you by Alias and Monkeyboy3942.
Theme influenced by Phoenix1300.

Hmm, ill enter, ill edit this post with my entry in abit.

Ok Burnzie :D. Thanks for participating!

PS: Note! People are complaining about the theme. I’m changing it.

My entry will be here in a while (:


I’m looking forward to your entry, Dama. You’ve gotten lots better the past few months.

Wait… it said the theme was runescape, you just edited the post?

I feel important. I am the one that influenced this theme. :wink: It was a stupid theme before. :smiley:
I am semi good at anime signanature.

I think we should also add the reward. We should give the winner the privilage to choose the next theme. This is to prevent the ideas from running out.

:smiley: Gimme credits please. :tongue:

I Think Im Gunna Enter. I Dunno. I havent been here long, so what is the point?

Which will be me xDDDDDDDDDDD

Thanks for the ideas, Phoenix :).

Aww why did you change the theme from runescape? Runescape sigs are so easy.

I did not like the theme because it will most likely result in the same entries as the last one.
Since RuneScape signatures are so easy people will not feel the challenge, and enter signature that are so simple people don’t even look at it. At the last theme, it was a good theme except contestants just enter signatures that they found off the internet and slap a name on the signature. With anime signatures, there is a challenge in blending image perfectly and people find the better looking. A RuneScape theme one will just be ugly with half cut out renders with choppy parts feathered. :wink:

I might try out on this one, love the theme, btw.

Oh well, im out then, my photoshop died anyway.

I’ve also added a rule:

  • Signatures made by you are only you are allowed to be entered in SOTM.
    That will prevent an unfair advantage against other users.

A finally its up. I will enter. My entry will advance lol.

Thanks Phoenix.

Can’t wait to see an entry!

this time all actually put time in this:D

Yeah, that’s right Ksouth :).

I hope people will work a bit on their signatures, and not just rush them. After all, this is a once in a month experience.

o:eek: …nice come back alias:rotfl: …nice comebck:cool: …i guess i work on it now…lol>that was a great comeback:D