SOTM Dec. Theme Suggestions!

Ok, SOTM December will be coming up and we need a theme. So I have come to the people of RsR for an answer. Please post all of your suggestions here. On November 30th I will PM Sr. Nos and we will decide the best theme and then on December 1st I will make the entrie topic.

Current Suggestions
[/li][li]New Years
[/li][li]All Winter holidays rolled into one, Chrismahanakwanzaaikuh
[/li][li]The New York Dropping Ball

How about frost everyone loves frost execpt those people who dont.

lol nice idea!

i have a super original idea! Christmas theme!!!

Christmas is good, but I want it to be something more original.

New years like fireworks and stuff

Suggestion added :slight_smile:

Why not do what Grp said, something frosty, icy, snowy, etc.

Or maybe something commemerating all holidays? Like Hannukah, Kwanzaa, or Chrismahanakwanzaaikuh ;).


i swear this kid is a genius!

Yes he is, Nos :stuck_out_tongue: Added Brad’s Suggestion.

how about…the ball in new york

Edited in :slight_smile:

Christmas tree with presents undernearth and Santa sneaking away duh!

How 'bout something not related to winter? Like Vector? Or Tech? =P

Icicles! Yey! Those would be good for a photomanip.

Snow, Christmahanukwannza, Icicles, Santa, Green and Red, Christmas house with lights, Christmas tree.

All above suggestions added.

Lol, I’m the odd one out =(

Monkey,can you add for the houses: Pixel or Regular

Rudolph crashing into the computer screen. Phr33 0r1g1n@l1t33 pl0x? In other words, how is that for originality?

Ok, I have just edited my post and making it so everything related to Christmas will be Christmas.