SOTN (Slayers of the Night) 70+ combat

We have a great clan called Slayers of the Night we have been around for quite some time.

We have a new site so we are pretty much starting over but…

Slayers of the Night is an original clan:


You will love it here

-we have great events
-wars (One oof our recent wars we won didn’t lose anyone lol yep we 0wn)
-allied events (drop parties etc.)
-members events of course
-many friendly members who can teach you and accomponie you while your doing anything
-PKING !!! (we love pking here, our range in lvlv is from low 60 to high 90 so don’t be shy about it we p00n anyway)
-Anything you suggest (this is the best part, we make events from your suggestions so anything new be free to tell us :wink: )
-much much more!!!

The main requirement is below but we have more (you’ll see in the registration form)

70+ combat
65+ with either 65 mage or range-also need refferal from 2 other players
2 non memebers skills 55 +

Here is the list of our Council


High Council:


Co Leader:

Our allies:
-Deadly Uprising
-Issac Knights

-currently none
This clan is about having fun, please read the rules (if you’re excepted;) )

Here is the link to our clan site:

cool clan but now i dont want to join