Special Thanks

I would like to take the time now to really give thanks to certain people that really helped make RSR what it is today, even though they aren’t with us on here anymore, or may not be as active as they once were.

Either way they deserve our respect and acknowledgement.

So it is with my great pleasure that I formally announce the Retired Staff of RSR. I am glad to say that I had the privilege of not only being staffed alongside many of these great people, but their friends as well.

Archasgame5 - Former Admin

Azgolar - Former Mod

Cateye - Former Mod

Cibola - Former Mod

Cyclops - Former Mod

Dedmenwalkn - Former Head Mod

Dez - Former Mod

Eaglesfan12 - Former Mod

Flopster0 - Former Mod

Handmedown - Former Admin

Hockeyav - Former Admin

Infiltrator4 - Former Mod

Jeffman1991 - Former Mod

Jezza - Former Mod

Joiliojoilo - Former Mod

Kupiton - Former Mod

Lutenist - Former Mod

Mrparris - Former Mod

OgoTheFat - Former Mod

Phoenix1300 - Former Mod

pkzaber - Former Mod

Sickmate - Former Mod

Simba - Former Mod and Cuddly Lion

Skate_Ilkley - Former Admin

Sportfreak56 - Former Mod

Theghost0 - Former Mod

Whojer31 - Former Mod

Wintercat - Former Mod

Winterlord - Former Mod

XGod-ChaserX - Former Mod

XXTeargodXX - Former Mod

And last but not least a special thanks and recognition go out to the man that stood as Head Administrator since the site first began. Many people know who he is, but very few actually know him. I can say I have been privileged to know him on a more personal level and I am proud to take over his reign as Head Administrator.

So with great respect I lastly announce the man that is taking over the rank of Founder

Duke Atreide - Former Head Admin/Mysterious One

So if you see one of these people on the forums or in RS, make sure to give them a special thanks.

salutes It was a great honor causing trouble and getting banned by most these people. :stuck_out_tongue:

Let’s hope they still pop by to see how this place has changed.

There are so many amazing people on that list. I hope that they do stop by in the somewhat near future.

Very well done Iced.

And the best way to honor these people, is there is now a Link at the top of the site that links directly to this page for easy access and remembrance.

Those were some fine people. Fun days.

Lots of people on that list that I remember from the old days :(. Without them, the site wouldn’t be the same

I added a couple more that I missed initially.

Quite sad seeing some of them names as former, some i was good friends with such as skate. But always in the heart of RSR !

A disappointing, yet necessary step in the journey to reactivity. Respect to the old, but in with the new.

I honestly never realized how long that list was until I looked over it again. Wow that’s a lot of great people we had.

thanks for making this such a pleasant place to be <3


a fitting salute to the days of eld

Good people.

Really like how you put Simba as a cuddly Lion. Lol.

Yea I sent a link to this page to him on facebook and pointed it out. He should be returning within the next few months actually.

Good to hear :o
Yeah he was busy when I contacted him some month ago.

Truly a list of legends.

After several years away from the site it’s amazing how many names I remember in that list. Farewell fine heroes ~

The RSR elite, for sure.

Spelt my name wrong :o

I got your back. :smiley: