.::I appoligize for anything I might say that will offend anyone. I also apploigize for any bad laungage I may use::.

I as well as many others are not very religious, are not believers in god, and other related topics. It annoys the living **** out of me when I click the off topic link and am forced to search therough the waves of relgious debates to find the topic I’m looking for. I am NOT looking to get all religious debates banned. I am just asking Duke to do all the non-relgious people a favor and Add a Relgion sub-forum.I believe that the freedom of speech should be allowed (to an extent) Meaning that people have the right to talk of such matters. But please make a sub-forum and let them talk there. This will also benifiet the religious community on RsR giving them a sub-forum to talk about everything of such related matters.


Better yet an entire debate forum. As we all know RsR loves to debate. but on the other hand the off topic forum is FLOODED with debates. The people of RSR would GREATLY appreciate the addition of this sub-forum. I believe that the off topic forum should be for current events, stories of your life, what if you… posts, and that type. Please Duke Do us a favor and add.

I don’t see many debates/religion topics… Its not really needed. It would look like we were encouraging religion topics, which could offend a lot of people.

I edited out your swearing, you don’t need it in there, simple as that. I’m also going to edit out the last pic in your sig seeing as thats not appropriate either, no matter who said it.

A debate forum would be good, I like the religious debates but I’m always too late and can’t be bothered reading 12 pages.

We were going to get a debate forum but that idea kinda died out…I say yes for getting one.

We have asked for a debate forum before. Everyone supported it, but it never happened.

Yeah!!! De-bate forum! De-bate forum whilst holding large signs saying "Bring on the debates! Wait, we can’t and it’s DUKE’S fault!!

~The bad man has spoken and is hoping for a debate forum

I say get a debate forum. It doesn’t need to be a debate AND religion forum… If you want to debate about religion, then it goes in there.
sickmate 8)

i vote for either/or a seperate forum would be much nicer than having everything in off topic

sorry cy about the laungage, but do you have the link about parris? I’ll edit…

great idea!!!i thinks there way too many religeon stuff in off-topic!!!so go debat(ing)

Why is this topic title …yet it’s not?!

Because the titles too long lol.
And I do agree, as long as mods are active in modding there as it gets pretty rough sometimes.

Debate because you can talk and disagree about a variety of other things-even outside of our world.

people will just flame/argue and fight. i dont think so.

I voted against it, but i retract my vote. It seems like a really good idea. You guys also need a pk trip subsection in the wilderness section.