Spinich Rolls

I heard somewhere that they are rare, are they, and how much do they cost?

I think they are rare. But I dont know how much they cost

They are not rare there up to 350gp.

That was a scam people used to do. You can easily get them from rock crabs and MOM’s


dont spam. and i think that they r not rare and u can get them killing mossies

They’re not really worth a dam thing; they only heal like 1 or 2 hp.

the person who told u that probly thought they were rare cos they got it from the random event mysterious old man
sickmate 8)

u can get the from teh mysterious old man or killing moss giants they ae worth 1 gp and heal 1 hp

Didn’t spinich rolls at one point used to also have a chance to boost your stats a little… I know that now the kebab has a chance to do that but I think the spinich rolls used to do that in RSC… I just remember someone saying that the spinich rolls had a chance to boost your combat skills for a temporary time in RSC… Correct me if I’m wrong… Maybe they might have taken away that thing about the spinich rolls in RS2…

spinach roll not rare…u get from mossies and old men…they pretty much…worthless…i dunno if they did up ur stats a little, buh i dont think they did

I’m pretty sure u could get it from someone in the wizard tower for free