split bark

how do u make split bark and wut lv. would u suggest u be when u make it

I don’t know how to make it since I’m not a member but I know that you get the material from making split bark from a hollow tree… Sorry that I’m not of much help but I heard that you use a chisel to make split bark… BTW, correct me if I’m wrong on this cause I’m pretty sure I am…

I don’t know how to make it. It has something to do with cuttinghollow trees. I have never wanted to make ir and never will.

ok i know the materials i just need to know where materials are lol

I’m not a member so I don’t know for sure, but the materials i think are in Morytania, way west of Varrock.

You need the bark from a hollow tree, and the fine cloth from the chests that you open by getting keys from cremating shades, the cloth is only in the high - level chests.

im pretty sure that ive seen a hollow tree in the wildy…

There are hollow trees in mort’ton

first get barks form hollow tree, theres one in the infornta the entrance of lumby, with a lota goblin in it. thres hollow trees in wildy too. then get a lota money with u, then go to wiz tower second floor ask da mage with splitbark to make one for u
price total are about 70k