Spooky Moose's Free Buddies Shop

Me, Spooky Moose, decide to open the buddy shop. It’s completly free. If u want buddy- post here. Tell me what armor, weapon and other stuffs U want to wear. I will make it=)

Aww, your shop is empty!
I’ll be your first customer!
Hmm…Zammy helm, Sara plate, and guthix legs.
Granite maul, A highwayman mask, Legends cape, white boots, white gloves.
I think that’s all. Lol.
Going to make it challenging!

can u animate the buddy avvy

Ok i will try to make buddy with gods armor. And, sry, i cant make animate buddies=(

OK. I coudnt make maul, but i thaught that my idea will be funniest;). Look:
Oh, I have another!:smiley:

Sweet! Thanks.

Np. Some1 else need buddy? I have nothing to do;)

can i get 1 with dragon armor and a dragon battle axe?

canumake one with full dragon but with no helm,an abby whip,red gloves and boots,and a really cool cape?

ok. actually, i’d like one, with full sara and a whip

i’ll take a buddy…a guy wearing full guthix and a dragon scimmy with a legend’s cape…thanks

Sry. I was sleepin. Now i woke and made ur buddies:




Vsry, but i couldnt make whip, i changed them into drag scimmys.:frowning: Hope u like it;)

Hey Spooky Moose, I don’t want a buddy, but use this buddy kit right here-http://img40.echo.cx/img40/7931/buddykit212bn.png … It has mroe options with it and a whip! Lol :slight_smile:


link doesnt work…but tnx for advice;)

Hey, look what i just created- i’ve changed a bit kit searched in google. Taa- Daa! I think that that buddy is one of the most gothic and vampiric…
That’s it!

*It’s restricted by Spooky Moose. Any1 who use it… i will kill him in wildy and report him… realy!

Rate it 1-10 if u want. But Im still making buddies! Post here for free, fast and hight quality buddy!
(he he):smiley:

thnx for the buddy. and that buddy u made is cool. 9/10

hey spooky moose i will help u

Tnx for rate. Help me with what? New buddy kit? It will be nice.
Oh, i have new buddy kit. Tnx for malibubrad. Now i can make EVERYTHING!:open_mouth:

full dragon with abyssal whip pls. thx

Nothing easier. Here u r:

thx alot. i like it