sportfreak and some randon noob pking

lol if u didnt guess the random noob is me. sport freak took me pkin

well for one thing u arent a noob lol I never had a Rune Scimmy in my life lol but I had Dragon long and everything other except the scimmy! :stuck_out_tongue:

I suppose you are doing protect items, right?

One more comment…


so did u guys pk anyone??? did u take back any loot??

Ha, whos the n00b following Sportfre…ohh wait. ahem nvm…lol jk.

lol guys, i just bought the skimmy before i left i lost it it loke 20k, didnrt even notice a dent :huge:

come on guys, this is sport freak

Him and I went PKing yesterday. He got a really good kill, he told me he would post pics of it…anyway, hope the PKing went well.

Grrr lol I want to own sportsfreak when my membership comes threw again lol.

I’m gonna dragon his bum.

W00t my 200th post!!

kool any kills

Wow dragon long…what are they? like 100k lol

got any good kills? =)

Get any good kills? Thats what i want to see.