Squad 26 : 2017

If you don’t know what Squad26 is, then just read. :smiley:


         Travis sat in the complex. He was waiting for the team to return from their latest mission, infiltrate the warehouse, where chemicals that were being used to mutate corpses were being stored. He liked his job. He generally went along with them on missions, but this time, it to be done with as little a team as possible, and they drew straws to go. He didn’t make it. Maybe it was luck. Maybe it was fate. He didn’t know.

           Suddenly, the phone rang. It stunned the hardened warrior so much, that he actually drew one of his weapons, a marvelous diamond edged scimitar. After realizing it wasn’t a threat, he sheathed the weapon, composed himself, and answered the phone

“Hello?” asked the voice
“Yes” replied Travis. Giving the least information always was helpful.
“Acies Calor” responded the voice. Travis immediatly recognized it for a friend of his. Barbster, another member of the squad. He was one of the few who went on the latest mission.
“Ahh Barbster, How went the mission?”
“2 dead.”
“Only two?! I’d say unsuccessful!”
“Hundreds of them… 2 of our own dead.”
“Oh… shi… so Hoffman is dead?”
“Yes… He tried helping Johnson, but he was already turned. Johnson jumped on him, and …” his voice cracked. It wasn’t the phone.
“I understand”
“Before Hoffman was gone, he asked me to deliver a letter to the squad, I have it with me, I’ll be at the complex by 1800 hours.”
“I understand”

        Travis was distraught. He didn’t know what to do, or to say. All he knew, was he would exact his revenge. First his family, then his wife, then his teacher. He vowed that day, to make sure.

“The one’s who were responsible, they would be fed to their pets.”

The Beginning; the Break up of Team 121

The team sat in the debriefing room with the General. He was a short, heavyset man, with no military experience, but a large supply of money. He had been given his position after he pulled a few strings with the legislature. He was a heartless, cold man. He didn’t care about the team, only if the mission objectives had completed.

Travis, along with Barbster, Ece, and Maikel, had already made the plan to leave the team. Travis was angry, he had sent his teacher, like a father to him, and 2 of his friends on a suicidal mission. Barbster, on of his friends on the mission, had only made it out because he was lucky enough to find the complex’s telepad, where he set some charges, and teleported to a safe place. David and Stephan didn’t make it out, as humans...

“General, I’m leaving the team.” Spoke Travis.
“Humph! Good! I don’t need some wussy like you!” said the exasperated man
“I’m leaving too, and so is Ece and Barbster” shouted Maikel

The four men stood up, and rushed out of the room. Before the left, they rushed into the armory, and took as many weapons as they could carry, and a few transporters and portable telepads. They rushed out of the complex, got into Ece’s truck, put the weapons in the back, and rushed to a hidden bunker, known only to Ece.

“Its just down this hill” said Ece
“Good, I get car sick” responded Barbster
“I wonder if the military will miss the stuff we took” started Maikel
“Pfft… They’d have to find us first. Then theirs the matter of facing the worlds four best fighters for them” spoke Travis.

Everyone took a laugh to the last thing Travis said. They didn’t look like the worlds best fighters, far from it actually. They all were of the same general build, a little taller than average, lean, and scars. They all had their fair share of scars, however, it was Maikel who won that contest. He had a hand print scar on his chest. We had never asked what it was from, and we really didn’t want to know.

They reached the bunker, and set it up. After setting it up, they decided that 4 men could do very little to the likes of millions, and they needed a bigger team. They called all their friends from the Academy, where they had learned how to fight without firearms, after the banning of firearms. They got a hold of some people, and who they did talk to, welcomed to join their team. Most agreed, and said they’d be over to the bunker as soon as possible.

The Beginning; Forming of Squad 26

A diverse group of people sat in front of Ece, Maikel, Travis, and Barbster. Eleven people, the same looks of determination on every face. Surprising to all, except Maikel, was the woman there. Rai was her name, and the beasts took her family, and she wanted to get revenge. At this, Ece, Travis and Barbster erupted into a torrent of words…

‘We can’t let a lady on our team!” shouted Barbster
“She’ll get in the way, and those looks will distract us!” replied Ece.
“You have a point, but lets give her a chance, she deserves that for coming here” answered Travis

One by one, the new members, Eldarian, Nick, Rai, Alias, Kevin, Nestor, Digit, Danny, Midaros and the two Half-Human’s Auron and Kronus, were all written down, and asked to write their wills. They weren’t taking any chances; they didn’t want the government to get anything they owned. A few of the members were rich, and could buy freedom, if they went to jail, but in the case of Nick and Danny, if they were caught, they would go to jail, or may have gotten shot on site.  Travis had just begun to start thinking when Nestor broke the silence.

“We should elect a leader, and a line of succession, in case they died”
“I think Digit would make a remarkable leader” started Kevin.
“I am not too sure, he doesn’t have as much experience as most of us” replied Barbster
”If were going by experience, how about Nick? He’s been around the longest” replied Alias
“He doesn’t have as much military experience.” Replied Ece
“What about Travis? He’s been in this business longer than all of us!” said Maikel
“I wish not to be leader, I don’t want to be held responsible when we all die” responded Travis
“Raise your hand if you want Travis to be your leader,” said Eldarian

9 people raised their hand for Travis. 4 voted for Nick, 2 voted for Digit. It was official; Travis would be in charge of Alpha team, Nick of Beta team, and Digit of Delta team. Now came the process of choosing who would be on whose team. The room shook in a torrent of words, as they chose teams. The final teams were;  

Alpha Team : Travis, Barbster, Danny, Ece, Auron and Nestor (SORRY!!!)
Beta Team: Nick, Kronus, Kevin, Eldarian, and Alias
Delta Team : Digit, Rai, Maikel, Ioosef and Kevin

That business taken care of, they all set off to their own current destinations, Maikel, Travis, and a few others went to the Dining Hall, which was open enough for sword fights. The others watched as the two dueled hard, with neither landing a blow on the other until the end, in which Maikel brought Travis down with a wonderfully done move. The duel, which took the better half of 5 hours, left the combatants exausted. Even the people who watched were tired. Most of them ate, and went to their respective bunks.

The Beginning; First Loss

The day started with a bang for the members of Squad 26. Apparently, Eldarian was testing some explosives, and time delay fuses. He had set on up for 5 AM, and that is when it went off. It woke up everyone in the complex. Auron was the first to chastize him for this event

“I wanted to test the time fuse!” returned Eldarian
“Well we aren’t, are we?!” shouted Eldarian in return

Auron lunged, but Eldarian was quick enough to dodge most of the attack. He was clipped by Auron’s metal arm. Eldarian was pushed to the ground, where Auron’s over-powering strength was prevailing, until Kronus hoisted Auron completely off the ground with his mechanical arm. He split the two men, who both had bruises and abrasions, but it was obvious that Auron would have killed him, had Kronus not split them apart.

“This is crap! I don’t know why I came here in the first place!” fumed Eldarian
“Neither do I…” said Auron under his breath
“I’m going to go to the front! I want to fight the beasts! Not back here waiting for them to get up in our homes!” continued Eldarian
“Boy, you need to slow the f*** down! Being at the front isn’t as great as you think! I’ve seen great men been torn to SHREADS!” responded Danny.
“Fine! I’ll go finish that mission that Barbster and his pals couldn’t!” ranted Eldarian

With that, he left the room. Travis, Maikel, Barbster, Kevin, Alias, Midaros, Digit and Rai all stood together stunned. They were all thinking the same thing. He’s going to go there, and die like all the rest. Barbster, was the first to respond

“Someone should stop him!” he yelled
“Let him go, it was his choice, his path” Midaros quietly said
“Well, we can atleast see if he succeeded.” Said Barbster
“How!” asked Rai
“I planted 4 video camera’s before I left the last time” answered Barbster

He immediatly set to work on the rigging of the camera player. He hooked it up to his laptop, which he set up to project on a wall. They saw the fiends. They all gawked at the numbers, except Barbster. He had been their previously. They saw Eldarian get in through the teleport pad, walk to the door, and right into a throng of 20 of the zombies. The rest... was history. He was not turned, there wasn’t enough of him left.

The Beginning; End of the Beginning

After the death of Eldarian, the squad was on leave. Everyone who wanted to spend time with loved ones, had their chances, like a vacation. The rest of the squad, the ones who didn’t have family, or didn’t want to see them, stayed at the bunker. This consisted of Travis, Barbster, Auron, Nick, Alias, Nestor, and Danny. They all went along with their own business, when Barbster received a call from Ece.

“What is it man?” Barbster said. They all stopped there training, and strained to listen.
“There? Now?!” he said with gusto.
“Ok, We’ll all be there quickly!” finished Barbster

He hung up the phone, as all the guys scrambled around for there gear. Travis, Barbster, Alias, and Nestor suited up in their respective weapons, reinforced titanium armor, and communication headsets that Nick had made for them. Auron, Danny, and Nick had their weapons with them already, and had no need to suit up. None of them asked where they were going as Barbster set the coordinates, and sent them all through to area of arrival. Barbster told them all what was going on, when they had reached their destination. 

Their place of arrival was a city, a tourist town; by it’s looks. Travis, Danny and Nick recognized it as a popular tourist destination for people during the early turn of the century. It was a scenic Branson Missouri, ghost town now. There were gruesome reminders of an army of zombies everywhere. Over-turned cars burnt buildings, broken windows, and the blood. The never-ending blood. It looked like 1,000 virgins had been sacrificed in some sick ritual to some heathen god.

“Oh my god, what happened here” mumbled Nestor.
“They have come, lets hope there’s a few left for sport” responded Auron
“My hometown… demolished, destroyed, killed” whispered Travis
“Man, this isn’t good, why did Ece tell us to come here!” said Barbster

They walked through rubble; the trail of the zombies wasn’t hard to follow. It was a wide swath of destruction. Ever here and there, there were signs of life. A zombie hand here, a torso there, fresh. There were bullet holes everywhere. Then, as Nick leaned down to examine a particularly grotesque corpse, someone yelled out.

“Travis! Up Here! It’s me! Ece! You’ll never guess who’s with me!”

Travis, looking towards a tower, saw Ece, and someone he hadn’t seen since his high-school days. Next to Ece, was Brad Hawkins, a friend of Travis’s, who had joined the military right after high-school. They all rushed up to the tower, and helped them down. On the ground, they all exchanged greetings. Brad, who was living in Branson, was equipped with two machete’s, and 2 Desert Eagles at his hips. Apparently, they were chased up the tower by a swarm of about 30 zombies. They had neither the manpower nor weaponry to take care of them, so they called for back up. 

While they were talking, the zombies were surrounding the Squad. Nestor, who at that time, was urinating on a sign that said “Safest Town on Earth”, was the first to see the beasts.

“Uhh… Guys? We got a problem.” He said.
“What is it this time, did you zip your package in your zipper?” quipped Alias.
“No, zombies, all around us.” Returned Nestor.

Even while he spoke, the Squad all drew their respective weapons. Travis noticed immediately that they were out-numbered. He spoke quickly.

“Hurry, cut a swath towards the theatre. We’ll make a stand there.”

Travis, leading the assault, drew his scimitars, and proceeded to cut through the nearest zombie. Auron, with his human arm, had a gun, and in his mechanical arm, had a huge sword. Ece, duel mp5’s unloading upon the zombie invaders. Alias, AK-47 blazing, took down atleast 4 of the zombies, before having to reload. Nestor, who was caught the most unawares, drew his weapon, and swung at the nearest zombie, cleanly defeating it with his skills of a swordsman. They had cut a hole in the defenses of the attackers, and were going through, as a zombie swiped Alias in the back of the head, transferring the chemical to him.

He was finished, at that moment, he knew he was destined to become a zombie, or eaten by one. Travis, who wished him not to become a zombie, killed the deliverer of the blow with a quick slash across the head. He grabbed the dazed Alias, and carried him to the theatre. Alias knew he was turning. He felt the hunger gnawing at his stomach. He felt his basic abilities being stripped from him. He spoke his last words through a mumbled, weak voice.

“Please, the pain is unbearable, kill me now”

Before Ece, or anyone else could do anything, Brad drew his weapon, and discharged it directly into Alias’s skull. His chances of becoming a zombie now were gone. He was at peace. Alias’s death mask was a smile.

Squad 26: 2017; A New Twist on an Old Foe

The squad, after losing another member, Alias, rushed into the theatre. It was an old theatre, probably built in the 80’s. It was full of signs that said “Moe Bandy” and “Jim Stafford”. They cautiously walked around the area until they found the stage, where they set up base camp. 

Nick was the first to see them. They were like shadows in the darkness. At first, he thought they were figments of their imagination. That was until Nestor got slammed onto the ground, than thrown into the air. It wasn’t their eyes playing tricks. They were another enemy in this battle, a wisp in the air. A “Ghost”.  At once, the members who had firearms opened up on the ghosts to no apparent effect. 

Nick, the brains of the team, was the first person to find their weakness. Electricity somehow distorted their poly-atomic ionic flux. Basically, it killed them. He grabbed an old car battery, and ran cables to Danny’s daggers, so he could dispatch them quickly. He had killed the last of the “ghosts” when another swarm of zombies rushed in through the doors.

Out-numbered and out-gunned, the situation looked grim. Nestor, who had always kept the team in good spirits with his cheery composure, and his constant laughter, was knocked unconscious, and had a compound fracture of the leg. They all enclosed a defensive perimeter around their wounded comrade, not ready to lose another man. The zombies, the mindless bastards, were falling like flies. It seemed that every one that they killed, another was always there to take its place. However, their numbers were dwindling.

Travis knew from the beginning that there was no escape. He fought on, killing the monsters left and right. Then, he felt a sharp pain, and saw cylindrical object leave his chest. Then, darkness covered him.

Squad 26: 2017; Blessings are hard to come by.

Travis woke up. He looked at his surroundings and thought that he was in heaven.A tall man walked into the room wear he lay. Then he spoke to Travis.
“You’re not in heaven, if that’s what you’re thinking”
“Fu… so… This is hell? Or purgatory?”
“Neither. Your friend Kronus brought you and your team here after seeing your were going to be all killed. You yourself were shot through the heart. It is amazing you are alive. Never has anything like this been performed.”

Travis got out of the bed, and he shuddered. He had looked down, and saw the bullet hole in his shirt. Coupled with the hole, was the blood that had pooled around it. It was a gruesome shirt, so he casually took it off, and threw it in the corner. He looked down, and saw a small white scar on his chest. There were no bandages, which surprised him. He was about to ask the man how he did this, but the turned to his left, and saw the answer.

He had been in a nano-healing tube. Much like the one that Nestor was in right now. He could see the little robots doing their job quickly and efficiently. He was happy he was in a safe secure facility, where he could plan an attack on the growing Zombie army. He went looking for the mess hall, and finally made his way to it. When he walked in, there was a chorus of laughter, and talking. It reminded him of his middle-school lunchroom. There were many more people than Squad 26. There were at least 100 people there.

The news that he was out of the tube’s spread like wildfire. People that he didn’t even know came up and shook his hand, saying that they wished to join the Squad. He knew at the start that they were all here for a reason, but he sure as hell didn’t know it. Then, a familiar face shown through the crowd.

His squad members, along with his brother, and high-school sweetheart where there. He pushed through the crowds, feeling 10 feet tall, he made it through, and sat down.  He wasn’t really sure what to do, but when Kronus went to the microphone up on stage, and called him up there, explaining to him what was going on. He knew what to do.

Squad 26:2017; the After-Party

Well, needless to say, after the mission in Branson, Squad 26’s popularity and media coverage was through the roof. The huge group of people was people who knew members of the squad, diplomats, or members of the press. They all wanted to hear what happened, because a whole team of military troops had come into the town a week earlier and didn’t report back.  They wanted to know how a rag-tag group of people deftly defeated 500+ zombies....

But… He didn’t tell.

He wanted to have a party, and thus, a party they had. They had the intercom’s blast music while people danced, and escaped into back rooms after drinking a few glasses of a mysterious liquid. He later examined it, and finally realized it was Captain Morgan’s Rum. He sat at a hastily set up mini-bar, and was joined by Maikel, Ece, and Midaros

“Hey man! What’s up?” said Maikel
“Nothing, Barman, hit me up with a glass.” Responded Travis.
“Scotch on the Rocks!” Put in Ece
“Might as well. Hit me up with Rum and Coke” Added Midaros

The Bartender gave them all their respective liqueurs, and was about to collect the fee, when he realized who they were. Travis looked around for Barbster, but when Ece pointed to closed door, Travis knew what he meant. He looked for other members of the squad, and noticed his girlfriend of old, talking to what appeared to be a member of the press. He calmly walked over to the reporter and kindly asked what he was doing. After finding his true motives, he hit the man on the arm, and sent him sprawling. The reporter, who was quite embarrassed, composed himself, and left.

Travis sat across from Brittany. Neither of them spoke, they didn’t know what to say. Travis remembered the long pauses on the phone in his freshman year. Then he remembered how much she hated that. All of a sudden, Rai and Ece sat down next to them, squeezing them closer together. Ece broke the silence

“How’s everyone doing tonight” he said

The response was a monotonus “fine” from Travis. Ece took the message, whispered something to Rai, and they both got up and left the two. Travis watched them as they crossed the room, and sat next to Maikel, who was currently locking lips with a girl he did not recognize. He didn’t watch to see what Ece and Rai were doing, he didn’t really care.

“You left me, without a second call” Brittany was choking back tears.
“They called me up for duty, I’ve been very busy” started Travis defensivly, he didn’t want to make her cry. He was a sucker for cryers. But it was too late. Rivers poured from her eyes.
“Hey, now don’t cry, everything is going to be fine.” He said, He felt bad making her cry.
“No, its not. It never comes out well for people like you, I couldn’t bare it if you died.” She replied
“I won’t die. I still have your lucky necklace.” Travis chuckled. She laughed, easing up a bit.
“I’ll be fine, if I die, what is death, but another journey, ready to be embarked on.”

She threw her arms around him, and cried. He didn’t know what to do, so he sat and let her cry. It felt like an hour when she looked back up. Then she looked down, and mumbled something that sounded like, “I bet I look horrible.” Travis, never taken completely off guard, quickly responded with, “Even at your worst, your still the most beautiful person I’ve ever seen.”

She sat there, silenced. He started to speak, but then stopped. He put a comforting hand on her shoulder, and she pulled him close, a small release from her fears. Barbster, and a girl Travis recognized as Robin, sat next to them. Barbster was saying something about Nick, and Sarah, a pretty nurse at the facility that he had taken a liking too, something normally out of the picture for him.

Travis was tired, ready to retire, when Brittany suddenly stood up, and started walking to a room. She beckoned him, and he followed. They walked into a room, and sat down in chairs. Travis was tired, so he lay down on the bed, and fell asleep, his day being complete. 

Squad 26: 2017; An Insurgency

Nestor awoke. He was confused; all he could remember is getting swiped by a large zombie. He thought he had been turned, but looked down, and noticing he was completely intact, that he was still human. He clambered out bed, and tried to stand. A doctor came in, and helped in into a room. As Nestor had his back turned, he was stabbed by a 12 inch Military Issue dagger. Kevin entered the room where Nestor had just been slain, and quickly noticed him face down. He didn’t see anything else. A slice across the throat took him out.

Simultaneously, men with military issue daggers had spread out through the complex. They all had one mission; take out Squad 26. Needless to say, it was unsuccessful, only Nestor and Kevin were slain. The alarm was raised, and just in time for Rai to retrieve her pistol, and pump a single round in the assassin’s head.  Immediately, the Squad was roused, they came out in sleep pants, t-shirts, and in Maikel’s case, a sheet, wrapped like a toga. It didn’t look like he had much sleep.

They all wanted to find out what happened, so they searched the man’s dead body. He was dressed in doctor’s clothing, looking the same as the one who had helped Travis earlier. With closer examination, they noticed a hidden pocket, which they slit open, and revealed the contents of a letter. After reading it, Digit figured it was a code. After scrutinizing it with Auron’s help, he broke the code. 

The letter was one to a high-ranking official of the government, from a company in Southern California. The specifics were quite well hidden, using a triple switch code, hard to break by even a very skilled cryptologist. The group was gathered around the table. Four had died, 11 were left. They were all distressed now realizing Zombies were not their only foe. 

It was all very confusing to Maikel. His mind kept going back to the beautiful brunette he had spent the night with. Plus he had a large hangover, and was kind of distressed that he hadn’t gotten the girl’s AP number. Now he wouldn’t be able to visit her. Oh well, it was probably for the better. This way, if she had a child, she wouldn’t know where to send child support. Or even if he was alive.

Rai was also confused. She thought of plots that could have been used. She came to the conclusion of the release of the Zombies wasn’t an accident, and it was all a cover up for something much larger. After explaining where she came from, Digit, Travis, and Nick all agreed that it must have been something like that. It made sense. The Zombies were a cover up, for a plot for some foreign country to invade the U.S. and reap its harvests.

They all thought in unison, “We’re in way over our heads, and we’ve pissed someone off big time.” At this point in time Travis asked anyone who wanted to leave, to leave immediately, he didn’t want to put anyone to un-due risk. Nobody left. They were in it for the duration.
Travis was glad. Safety in numbers was a common misnomer, but in this case, it was the truth. 1100 zombies versus 10 men and 1 woman. It was working out to be a wondrously beautiful fight. They had to figure out who was behind this, and take them out before the annihilation of the human race. They set a course to the coordinates stated in the letter, and suited up.

Ece, Barbster, Midaros, Auron, Digit and Nick all stood in the armory. They were in the process of suiting up. Everyone was wound tight, thinking that there could be another sleeper in there midst. Backs were against the wall. Digit accidentally hit Barbster, who promptly drew his dagger and flashed it up to Digit’s throat, as if to cut it out in a swift movement. Luckily, Auron diffused the situation.

While most of the squad was in the Armory, Travis was with Kronus, Rai, and Maikel. They were in a laboratory, and the master alchemist had created an acid that simply dissolved the zombies. He administered it to those that were there and then left. He was an old man, and he needed his rest. He was one to be trusted, and remembered.

Travis, his weapons renewed by the acid, sheathed them, with the perfect amount to renew the coating every time he sheathed the weapons. The same was for all of the sword-wielding members; unlucky for the gunmen, they received nothing, except explosive rounds. They went to the disembarking room, and waited for the signal.

Squad 26: 2017; White House

They got the signal from the chemist, and 1 by 1 were sent through the telepad. Pre-mission, they had researched the coordinates, and found them to be a building in Washington D.C. The rest was classified, and it was hard to hack through the security network to get into the building.

They entered the White House and broke off into two groups. They searched the areas, but not a soul was alive. Blood was splattered all over the walls, but luckily, there were no zombies in sight. Travis and his group had taken the western section, while Nick took the eastern. Ece walked into the Oval office, and saw the president’s desk and stepped directly on the deceased president’s head.

Travis and his team followed Ece into the room. Crossed to the desk, and looked at the papers on the desk. Without sifting through them, he simply stuffed them all into his bag. He then went to important members’s desk, and took papers from them too, hoping to find something to aid them.

Nick’s group was the first to encounter the fiends. They were horrible, like a horribly large, decrepit cat, quick as lightning, more agile than a hummingbird. They met with a clash in a corridor. Digit hit the first one with a blast to the neck, obliterating it. Even with one down, the fiends were difficult foes. This caused a steady retreat. They reached the end of the corridor, and the cats were still coming.

Ioosef knew what to do. He told the group to run, he’d hold them there for as long as possible. He knew it was a death sentence, but was glad that he was saving his friends. He quickly decapitated one cat, and swung towards another, one of the beasts jumped over the rest, and brought him to the ground. He stabbed, and jabbed, but was no match. He died.

Travis got an urgent radio message from Nick. He told them to meet them in the central hall. Travis got the group ready, and they all rushed towards the room. Once the reached there, it wasn’t 3 minutes before the fiends rushed in.

Maikel killed the first. It had jumped towards him, but he ducked, and cut it directly in half. Its body turned to ash after touching so much of the acid coated blade. It must have been a tie for the second kill. Rai, who in the last 24 hours, had become a good swordswoman, cleaved one of the cats in half, while Auron crushed one’s skull between his fist and the floor. Nick, who had a bag full of gadgets, had made a portable cage. He casually tossed it under one of the cats, and it was captured by a force field.

A particularly large cat leaped at Travis. He saw it out of the corner of his eye, and rolled to dodge it. Ece, seeing it take a bound for him, turned, and shot it about 10 times in the head with his dual 50 cal. pistols. Travis quickly thanked him, and then slit one of the beasts directly in half.
After 20 minutes of hard fighting, all the beasts but one were dead. The one that survived was the one that Nick had captured. They brought it to the telepads, and sent it back to Kronus’s place for study. Nobody had ever seen something like that. After they sent it through, the remainder of the squad followed.

Squad 26:2017; Virtual Reality

They arrived back at the chemist’s house, and quickly set out doing their respective duties. Travis, Danny, Ece, and Nick took the fiend cat to the laboratory. They stunned it, and then extracted DNA to see how much it had been mutated, and its species before mutation.  For this, they had to wait.

And wait…

And wait…

Ece and Travis got bored, being men of action. Travis went off to the shooting range, and practiced with his pistols, while Ece showed off to Rai, who contemptuously threw her slender sword and hit the bulls-eye of the target. Ece’s expression was one of disbelief, while Travis rolled on the floor in a fit of laughter.

Auron, followed by Kronus, and Digit, entered, and started to use the range. Travis left, not liking the loud noise. He went off to find Maikel. He wanted a re-match from the bunker, because he lost that round. He found Maikel in the VR room, training on zombies. The whole room was wired, and it was amazing. It reminded him of a video game that you’re IN.

Setting it up took the better part of half an hour. Travis got ready, then put the VR suit and helmet on. It was amazing. He never got used to getting plugged in. When he got in the game, the zombie level and count immediately went up. This is what happens when you’re a level 96 Zombie Slayer. It takes at least 1 hour to go up to the next level, and Travis had logged over 100 hours in the simulator.

Travis was dropped directly into a camp. He looked around, and typed a message asking where Maikel was. The map showed him a blue dot labeled Maikel. It appeared he was in the middle of a fight with 10 zombies. Travis ran towards him, and helped him kill the zombies. Maikel hadn’t logged as much time in the system, so his suit was heavier, and more cumbersome. The more time logged, the lighter, and less cumbersome it became, and in turn, the stronger the user became.

Maikel thanked him, and then continued on the path towards the city. You had to be level 40 to enter the city, where the number and strength of the zombies was much higher. Travis was up to the laboratory, and you had to be level 100 to continue. Travis decided to help Maikel, and kill a few zombies with ease. They went through the first sector with little problems. Only about 10 zombies came for them, which Maikel dispatched with his swordsmanship. The sprinted through an area called “Death Run” because of about 100 zombies in a small corridor. Travis planted explosives while they ran, and at the end, detonated them, killing about 70% of them

Maikel and Travis continued on, killing Zombies simply. Travis got bored, and used more complicated moves. He wanted to have fun, not simply decimate the enemy with basic moves. Maikel quickly leveled up, they had not spent 1 hour in there, and Maikel had already reached level 50. Maikel became bored, and wanted more fights, so he put in a cheat making him level 100. This allowed him to party with Travis, and lead both of them into the Catacombs.

Once in the Catacombs, Travis marveled at the levels. Zombies, Demons and ghouls were everywhere. They all were very high levels, and Travis had problems with 1 lv 163 Demon. It kept using its firey breath whenever Travis got close. That was until Maikel cut its head completely off. Travis was about to be swiped by a zombie when he was jerked back into reality. Maikel and Travis stood in the VR room, and wondered what had happened. Then the alarm rang.

Squad 26: 2017; Changes in Chemistry

Travis saw Barbster, and reacted immediately. He didn’t need to ask what was going on, Barbster just started running towards the lab, and Maikel and Travis followed. They rushed into the lab just in time to witness Ece and Digit fight to close the door. Maikel, Barbster, and Travis all pushed against the door. 

While Travis and Maikel were in the simulator, Barbster, Digit, and Kronus had taken the fiend to the lab. They had extracted DNA, and begun to leave the room when it broke free of its bonds. They had almost shut the door on it, but it was very strong. Barbster ran to get Travis and Maikel. With all five of them, they shut the reinforced steel door.

Digit took the DNA sample, and begun to compare it against samples from other big cats. It didn’t match up to any of them, until he found a rare species, which had been found deep inside caves in the jungle. The general size of this animal was 12 feet long, and 5 foot at the shoulder.  It was certainly a match. Digit, an animal lover, wanted to do something to make it so it would still be able to live, and mate.

While processing the DNA, Auron walked in. He grabbed a few chemicals, and then mixed them. He stuck it in a small syringe, and walked into the room where the animal was. It pounced at him, and Auron quickly stabbed it with the syringe. The cat fell to the ground twitching. The room filled with steam.

“GREAT! YOU’VE KILLED HIM!” yelled Digit.
“No I haven’t, I’ve changed him back into a cat, look.” Replied Auron

Digit, Travis, Barbster, and Kronus looked at the lab room, and saw a beautiful, black animal lying on its side. They all turned to Auron, in amazement.

“They made a chemical that combated the virus where they made me half metal.” He explained.
“Ohh… That explains it all… not really though.” Spoke Barbster.
“Somethings you’ll never understand.” Replied Auron.

The great cat got up, and sat at Auron’s side. It licked Auron’s hand, and then purred loudly as Auron stroked the animal. Auron walked out of the room, and the great animal followed him.

“I think she likes you.” Joked Travis.
“Its a he, doofus.” Replied Barbster
“How do you know?” Travis said
“Look at its butt, what do you see?” Barbster explained.
“Oh… yeah. DEFINATLY a guy.” Kronus laughed.

Squad 26; 2017: Finding a cure

Travis, Maikel, Kronus, Digit, and Barbster stood in the lab for about a minute, and then, out of the blue, Maikel spoke.
“Well, I guess we know where were going next.”
They all agreed on going to the place where Auron was cyborgized. While Digit looked for Auron, Travis looked for the rest of the team. They were all in the conference room, watching videos on the projectors.

. Travis found his titanium armor, and put it on. He looked at him self in the mirror, and as he turned, he saw a very large claw mark in the back of his armor. Thinking less of it, he finished suiting it up, a Colt .70 caliber “Pocket Rocket” on each hip, scimitars on his back. From top to bottom, he looked like a warrior. While on the break, Nick and Rai had designed helmets to protect from being turned as easily. Travis’s boots were a weird mixture of titanium and vanadium steel, with spikes coming out of the toes, and the sides. 

The team got ready in half an hour, and headed to the departure room. Auron brought his cat. The newest member of the team, he had christened it Guenhwvyar, after a mythical Black Panther from a story he had read as a child. They rushed out of the room, and in onto the Tele-pads. Auron led them, because knew the way better.

They were in the laboratory. Auron knew exactly where they were, and they all ran towards the testing area, where they thought they could find a cure for the affliction. They rushed into the next room, and directly into a fight, between some scientists and a group of zombies. The difference with these zombies were seemed much faster, and had a higher degree of intelligence.

Guen, Auron’s cat, aggressively attacked the nearest zombie, and completely removed its head with a swipe of his massive paw. Travis, wishing to brush up on his shooting, drew one of his pistols, and took aim at one of the zombie’s torso. He pulled the trigger, and was amazed as the zombie simply disintegrated from the huge slug. Rai, who hadn’t had much “fun” recently, withdrew her weapons, and deposited a great number of bullets into a series of 4 zombies. Barbster, Maikel, and Danny had rushed in and swiftly dispatched the rest of the group before Nick or Ece had the chance to use their weapons.

Auron just sat on the ground with a zombie head in his hands. The left portion of its head had been caved in from the blow delivered by his cat. Then, with gusto, he rushed out of the room yelling for them to follow him. Without saying, they all followed him with speed.

Squad 26:2017; Bad Idea.

The Squad followed Auron at top speed. No need to go through all the rooms, he knew exactly where it was. The Squad reached Chem-Lab 1, where they all caught their breath. None except Travis, Auron, Barbster, and Ece could breathe regularly. That’s when Auron explained that they had just ran over three miles, at a sprint.

Auron looked into the lab through a small window in the door, and did not like what he saw. There was about ten spectres, thirteen zombies, and four fiends, all snacking on what looked like the remains of Team 122. He relayed this information and while grouped outside the door, came up with a plan, luring out the fiends, then spectres, leaving the zombies to be cut down by offensive gunfire.

Digit ran in through the door of Chem-Lab 1, tossed a small IED, turned, and ran away, very fast. The blast killed six zombies, and one of the fiends. The initial attack was for shock, then to lure them with the smell of his own flesh. One of the fiends was hot on his tail when Digit made it through the door. 

Auron’s large cat tackled the fiend. Guen was almost a foot taller and over 2 feet longer. He ripped out its throat with a ferocious bite it its massive head. The spectres floated through the walls, and Travis quickly drew his scimitars, and killed 3 of them, while Barbster and Maikel killed the rest.

The two fiends rushed through the door, and the zombies followed them. Auron drew a knife big enough to be a small sword, and cleaved one completely in half, while Rai threw her slender blade directly in to the other’s head. Ece and Digit cut down the zombies, while Nick tossed a small mine underneath their feat, and Kevin removed a zombie’s head with his daggers.

The band walked through the door, spread out, looking for the cure. Auron found it, but unfortunately it was broken, spread out all over the floor.  The turned to leave, and found them face to face with a massive group of zombies and fiends. 

Squad 26:2017; Intensity for tenacity

Digit flipped his AK-47 around, and opened up, mowing down a row of zombies. Maikel flipped his swords out, and dove into a swath of zombies, slicing left and right. Ece, using Auron as a pivoting pole, crushed a zombie with the butt of his gun, and then proceeded to open fire upon the group. While Ece was swinging around Auron, Nick tossed a mine far back of the zombie group and detonated it. 

 Travis jumped into the fray, along with Barbster and Rai. The 6 warriors fought to protect the ones collecting the antidote, and working on the tele-pad. Out of the blue, Danny jumped from the roof, and plucked a fiend out of the air. Barbster was quick to stab it in its head. A gargantuan fiend jumped and landed on Barbster, but was decapitated by a swipe of Travis’s scimitars. Digit was quick to draw a Military Issue dagger and stab it through a fiend’s head, and then reversing into a swing, cutting a zombie’s entrails out.

Guen’s massive swipes took out zombies everywhere, but he was being laden down. He was engaged in a small throng, and could not get out. Kronus noticed this, and shot a small rocket into the group, killing the zombies. Guen jumped over the bodies, and intercepted a fiend going after a reloading Kronus. 

All the while, Auron got an eyedropper out, and quickly gathered up a large number of the antidote. He wanted to get as much as possible, before Nick set up a telepad. The zombies numbered in the hundreds.

Travis, spinning scimitars, protecting Rai’s and Maikel’s flanks, while they protected his. The line was progressively retreating, until Travis ordered to run to the safe-room. Maikel flipped over a counter, and ran to the door, and ripped it open. Barbster, Auron, Kronus, and Nick followed. Rai was right on their heels, with Digit with her. Danny and Travis left last, shutting the door as they got in, slicing a zombie’s head off in the process.

Squad 26:2017; Presumed Dead, Alive and Well

The squad was in the safe-room, and were all looking at one thing. Travis squeezed up to see it, and was surprised to see someone. Presumed dead, eaten alive, but alive and well. 

Eldarian stood in the center of the group. The squad erupted in a fury of questions. The questions sprang up everywhere. “How did you survive?” “Where did you go?” “Why did you leave us?” Only Auron was quiet. Eldarian didn’t have time to answer the questions, because zombies were breaking in the door.

The men and woman readied their weapons, and prepared to fend off the strikes, when Nick shouted, breaking the noise inside the room.


The group clambered in through the pads and not a moment too soon. Before the Travis could get through the gateway, he was tackled into it by a small fiend, which was crushed by Eldarian and his amazing telekinetic abilities. Travis got up, thanked Eldarian, and then motioned for the group to follow him, presumably to the conference room.

They arrived at the room, and took their seats. The first matter of business was to learn how Eldarian survived. This was explained  by a complex demonstration of holograms and Eldarian’s telekinetic abilities. He had tricked them by throwing a fake image of him into the warehouse. He didn’t explain why, or where he went to, but it was probably for the better.

Auron stood up, and walked to Eldarian. He looked him directly in the eye, and apologized for fighting with him. After Eldarian accepted the apology, Squad 26 stood up, and went to the Commons, to get something to eat. They were going to party, because another member had came back from the dead. This time, for a good reason.

Squad 26: 2017; A Sun changes All

After 2 days, they had developed a cure for the affliction, and were working on mass-producing it. Eldarian told Travis about his time apart from Squad 26, and afterwards helped Digit and Nick with the producing of the vaccine. The rest of the team trained, and fought, to hone their skills for the upcoming battle. They were to infiltrate, and destroy the warehouse where Travis’s old team was decimated. 

Maikel, Barbster, Travis, Rai, Eldarian, and Danny all got ready to go on a training mission. They were all going to go back into Branson, and salvage weapons, and generally kill Zombies. Nick set up a new kind of telepad, allowing the group to go in all at once, eliminating chances of separation. Nick programmed it with the help Eldarian, and they all stood on the pads. Nick pulled the switch, and then all that Travis heard was a half-mumbled “Oh shit.”

Travis and his team woke up and noticed they weren’t in Branson. The wormhole had some-how been torn, and they were sent back in time. Well, they thought they were back in time, judging by the armor, and the swords of their captors. Danny spoke first.

“What the fck happened?”
“I think we were sent back in time” stated Rai
t. Well, atleast we’ll kind of blend in.” responded Maikel
“Right after we get rid of our ‘pals’ in-front,” said Barbster

The group of warriors were tied to 3 men’s horses and there riders. They were armed with swords, but no armor. It was a simple matter of Eldarian telekinetically untying the knot, then Travis leaping on one of the men, who was taken down. As the man in the middle turned, he received a fatal blow to the neck by Rai, and the third was knocked unconscious by a blow from Danny.

The squad roped the two alive captors, and left the dead one in a ditch. They hurried on the road, and when the reached a town, Danny used his skills to steal enough money to buy clothes for all the members of the team, so they would look the part.

Meanwhile, in the present, Nick was frantically trying to figure out what happened. He was looking at solar patterns and saw that there had been a solar flare at the same time as departure. It must have sent them back in time...

Skirmish for a Princess

The half of the squad not in the correct time was busy putting on clothes in the forest. This was an interesting business, because there was no where for Rai to get changed. They solved this problem by Travis, Ece, Barbster and Danny standing arm to arm making a human shield while she quickly dressed behind a tree. Maikel strived to get past them, but Barbster kneeing him in the groin was helpful in diverting him.

In the correct time period, Nick, Kronus, and Auron all struggled to figure out when the next solar flare was going to happen, and to change the teleporter to be able to take the people back into the future. Nick figured the next flare would be tomorrow, so they prepared furiously to set it up in time. They’re was no slacking off on their part.

Unluckily for the our heroes (and heroine), the group had caught the eye of the Royal Guard, frantically looking for a group to save their princess from barbarians, who sought to receive a handsome bounty for the young, beautiful lady. The head of the Royal Guard, a man named John Smithson, was a tall, charismatic man. He walked to Travis; looking eye to eye with him asked him desperatly for help.

This put Travis into a hard position. He wanted to be helpful, and save the beautiful lady. Heck, maybe a bounty of some kind could be collected. Maybe a few “favors”. His answer, after consulting the Squad, was a yes. The Guard asked him if they needed any armor, because their weapons were obvious. They would be entering a camp protected by 30 sword, and axe wielding men. It was to be a massacre. 

The Guard led the way, with their strong horses. Most of the squad rode along with them, besides Travis, Ece, and Danny, who ran. Nick had given them certain medicines to make them perform better, up to 150 % better. Danny, who could run a mile in 4 minutes flat, was unmentionably fast now. Faster than any sprinter on the earth. Travis and Ece, both avid runners, could barely keep up. They ran ahead of the horses, and stopped about 2 miles from the camp. They set up their own camp, and that night they slept under the stars.

 At daybreak, the Squad and Guard entered the Barbarian Camp, stalking quietly past the sentries. Travis was entering one of the tents, when the sentry blew his horn in surprise from seeing Eldarian. Eldarian fled into a tent, and a thrown knife silenced the sentry by Rai. It was too late though, and the message had been gotten across. The camp was buzzing within seconds. Barbarians ran from tents with axes, swords, poleaxes, spears, and other wickedly forged weapons.

Needless to say, the Squad’s members were much better fighters, with better weapon’s and skills. The one thing the Barbarians had was strength. Barbster had the first kill, with a quick jab through his opponent’s tunic, biting at his heart. Many Barbarians felt the sting of the Squad’s blades. The Guard stood back, and shot arrows from the entrance. Why enter the fray when the chance of death was so high.
Travis received a knick on the elbow for toying with a foe. He later halved the man with a sweeping blow to the collarbone. He turned to meet a great man, well over 6 feet, and the greatest of all the barbarians previously slain by him. He had two arrows protruding from one great shoulder, and his huge axe was covered in the blood of a guardsman. He swung a massive blow towards Travis, who rolled under it, and between his legs. The great man turned, and directed another great swipe, but this time it was met by one of Travis fine scimitars, the diamond edge keenly slicing completely through the crude weapon. The man turned in horror, and received a kick to the neck, severing his spine. Maikel, watching the battle, noticed it and noted it was a Roundhouse Kick.

The battle was over. Rai killed the last barbarian with a swipe across the neck, slicing his windpipe and drowning him in an expanding pool of blood. Eldarian came out of the tent carrying a woman. He removed the gag, and the first words out of her mouth were ones only he understood. The words were Latin, for “Thank You, Great Warrior.” Eldarian looked into her eyes, and knew he was going to stay there. He had fallen in love with the young lady.

Over the radio, which Travis had presumed to not be working came a call from Nick, telling them to group together. They did what they were told, except Eldarian. He was walking hand in hand with the lady, presumably back to the castle. Then, a beam of light took them back into the future, leaving Eldarian behind. Travis, after he got home, researched Eldarian and the young princess. They later had gotten married, and had three children.  A happy ending of sorts.

A Path to Choose

Nick, Travis, Digit, Ece, Kronus, and Auron sat around, brainstorming their next moves. The rest of the squad was out training in the simulators, with Maikel leading. Nick had realized that time travel was a possibility, and the telepads could be rigged to make it work. He wanted to invest time to make it work. Auron wanted an assault on the warehouse, Digit, Ece, and Kronus wanted to continue on this path of training, until they were ready. Travis, however, was with Nick. They chose for the geniuses of the group, Nick, Kronus, and Digit work on time-travel, and the rest of the team would train.

Travis walked back to his room. Once there, he noted that the door was half-open, and when he looked inside, he caught a glimpse of skin against the lamplight. Never completely caught off-guard, he deftly drew one of his pistols, and kicked the door open, and pointed it directly at the trespasser. The first thing that came to his mind was to subdue. He pounced, and struggled with the person for a moment, before realizing the intruder was a woman, and one with no combat training. He subdued her by locking one of her arms behind her back, making it impossible for her to move.

Travis, hitting the alarm button, grabbed restraints from his belt, and bound her wrists, and ankles. He examined her for awhile. She still had a black mask on, along with black clothes, except for a wrist, which was bare, except for a tattoo, which seemed oddly familiar. Ece, Barbster, and Maikel were there within the minute. Ece looked at the woman on the floor, then looked at Travis, who had a thin line of blood trickling down his scalp where he had hit his head on the corner table. He busted out laughing, until Maikel whacked him keenly on the back of his head.

Barbster walked over to the woman, and removed the mask. Travis instantly recognized the woman, and then realized why the tattoo was so familiar. He had one also, on his forearm. This woman was Erica, a girl that Travis had known for 17 years. She had moved into his school, and had did not get any friends immediately. She sat next to him in science, and math, and helped him during those classes. She moved away later that year, and then came back during high school. When she came back, she was beautiful. Guys were all over her, but she only had eyes for him. They dated until the end of high school, where they parted. The last thing he had heard about her was that she had gotten married to some goon of a man, and was still living in Branson. He had thought that she was killed during the Zombie raid, but apparently not.

Ece was about to kick the woman, as if to interrogate her, but Travis stopped him. They all turned to look at him, eyebrows cocked, asking the same question. Who was this woman, and why did she keep saying “dilectio”. Travis also noted that this was “lover” in Latin. He cut her bonds and she embraced him. He was about to ask her why she was here, when Maikel asked the question for him. The response was not simple one.

“I saw your group in Branson, fighting off the Zombies and a captured it with a camera, I went over it, and noticed that one of them looked familiar. After looking over it for about an hour, I saw a section of video where your forearm was visible, and noticed the tattoo, signifying our love. It was a one of a kind, custom design. It had to be you. After looking for more information on your group, I came across a telepad, and stepped on it. That was when I was transferred here. I was searching in the dead of night, because the military was hot on your heels, for some reason.”

This complicated things. Travis was elated by meeting Erica again, especially after he had vowed to marry her, but he now had another reason to stay back, not even mentioning the military was after him. It was only a matter of time before they found them. After that happened, it would go down hill quickly.


They attacked at about 3 am, thinking to catch the team off-guard. Luckily, doors were locked, and a 10-foot high wall separated them. A huge group of zombies, well over 1000, collected against the walls. The alarm rang as the motion sensors picked up their movements, and Auron, who was on watch, saw it, and investigated immediately. He ran to the alarm, and flung it down, putting the base on high alert.

Maikel, Rai, Ece, and Barbster ran down the hallway, with Travis, Kronus, Digit, Danny, and Nick behind them. Travis slung his scimitars on his back, and pistols on his side. He put on his armor in record time, along with a small necklace, a gift from Erica. The team assembled in front of the door, and had their weapons ready for the incoming tide. The door opened… But nobody came.

Travis took a step outside and then another. He slowly advanced his way through the courtyard, and looked at the wall. It was secure. The zombies were still locked out. This made it much easier on them; they were expecting them to break through already. Luckily, the walls were thick. It still would be a contest if they made a small crack. The sheer numbers of the zombies was overwhelming. Estimated at 1100, the each member of the squad would have to kill over 120 each. The rest of the team clambered out of the door, spreading out, to stem the flow at its source.

They sat, waiting for the zombies to move. Maikel went to sleep; Travis could hear him snoring. It then came visible to him that most of the squad was asleep. Travis drew one of his scimitars, and started messing with it. He then remembered his energy pills on his belt. He removed one, and popped it in his mouth.

From the Operations Booth Auron saw it all. He messaged down to Maikel that his quadrant was about to be overrun by zombies, but Maikel wasn’t awake. He then messaged to this to Travis, who had just sallowed his pill. Travis picked a rock off the ground, and tossed it at Maikel, striking him in the chest. He woke with a start, to the pain, and the sound of Auron yelling in his earpiece. Most of the squad was already on the move to reinforce him, so they were all not overrun.

A section of the wall was beginning to collapse. The gun-wielding members leveled their weapons at the crack, and waited. Travis, Danny, Nick, Maikel, Rai, and Barbster all drew their swords and knives prepared to launch themselves headlong in to a swirling throng of zombies.

Nick said some inaudible words, and then a hole appeared. The first zombie appeared through it. Probably just a child, now a bloodthirsty beast; it was cut down by a shot of Kronus’s rifle. The hole expanded, and finally zombies were pouring in and being cut down by the guns of Squad 26. Travis had drawn his pistols, and was shooting like mad to keep them away. Nick jumped headlong into the throng, and stabbed, flipped, jabbed with amazing accuracy none knew he was capable of. Maikel, still half-asleep, half-heartedly took an energy pill, and was immediately invigorated. He, along with Barbster, Rai, and Danny, leaped into the swarming mass. Travis stopped firing, reloaded his pistols, and then put them back in their holsters. He leaped towards the swarm, and drew his scimitars in mid-air and swung wildly, decapitating, and dismembering zombies that were in his line of sight, and were a threat to him. It had been atleast an hour before he even felt the world around him again, and by this time, the zombies had ripped a complete hole in the wall, and were making a run for the doors. He yelled over the headset and the thrill of battle to the squad, telling them to retreat.

They all responded, except for Barbster, who was embattled with a throng of zombies, and could find no way out, until Ece, shooting like mad, created a path for him. Travis saw this, and motioned to the door. After Barbster and Ece had passed him, he made his way towards the door, he was about there, when he heard a large caliber bullet wizz off over his shoulder. He turned to see a zombie missing a head. He looked up to the window, and saw Erica, with a .50 caliber sniper rifle, waving a hand at him.

Heat Treating

The Squad ran through the doors to the complex, turned, locked and bolted them shut. It was helpful, but it wouldn’t stop them forever. They needed to mount a counter assault, and needed it quickly. Travis asked for volunteers, where Auron, Danny, and Barbster raised their hands. The plan was for them to rush to the top level, and then Auron would jump down to the ground, where Auron would use a flame-thrower to wreak havoc and Danny would go around killing anyone who got close to Auron. Travis and Barbster knew right where to go.

Auron, Danny, Travis, and Barbster all ran to the top level. A sprint that normally took over 2 minutes was cut down to about 45 seconds. Danny hopped on Auron’s back, and Travis and Barbster stopped before the ledge. Travis looked over at Barbster, made a hand gesture, and then backed up, to get a running start. He took off, and jumped over the top. With a spiraling flip, he landed, falling decisively into a roll, breaking his fall with minimal damage. Barbster was right behind him. After that, Danny and Auron both took the leap. Danny separated in mid-air, and took the nearest zombie with a kick to the head, cleanly removing it.

Travis sprinted across the zombie group, scimitars to the left of him, cutting monsters in half, with blows that would have fallen walls. Barbster was right on his heels, killing ones that he missed. Danny dodged and ducked and used his daggers to block attacks from the zombies, unfortunately for them, he was much faster than they were. 10 were down before the first 5 seconds. Auron, with his flame-thrower, melted a group of about 30 zombies into a pile of goop in roughly 10 seconds. 10,000 degrees is intensely hot.

Danny back-flipped over Auron, and drove his daggers directly into a zombie’s head. Normally a good thing, but this time, he couldn’t remove them, because they were sunken securely between two skull-plates. He tugged once, then completely kicked the zombies head off. Stomping on the skull, the daggers fell at the same time, only to be plucked back up, revolving into a flurry of motion.

Barbster swung, slashed, parried, and ducked to avoid being swiped, or bitten. On an up-stroke, he cleanly cut a zombie in half. Travis not being one to be out-done, used Barbster as a base, and jumped onto his shoulder, flipping into a small group of zombies. They were all dead before Travis’s feet touched the ground. Barbster, wanting to keep the title, drew a small metal disc from his pouch, and on clicking a release, it expanded into a 12 inch throwing knife, which he threw into the pulsating mass. He followed it, and counted the decapitated heads. It stuck neatly into the wall.

Travis saw the rest of the squad, with Kronus and Ece in the lead, Rifles and Minigun’s cutting swarms of the zombies down. Ece beckoned Travis, and a path was opened via rifle fire. Travis then helped Auron and Danny get through. Barbster followed with another disc. this one was atleast 3 feet in diameter, and cut down about 40 zombies before sticking into the door.

For a reason unknown to Travis, Nick, and Digit, the zombies just turned, and walked away. Maybe it was too costly, or maybe their leader was testing the group, and this was his way of saying, “You Passed”. It wasn’t apparent.


After the battle, the Squad took awhile to heal all wounds, because Maikel had taken a nasty swipe from a zombie. Ece had also received a wound, but it was because he clumsily tripped over a rock, and twisted his ankle. The rest of the Squad, and decided to have a small party, to celebrate. After getting permission from the Alchemist, Travis called a few people, celebrities, supermodels, and some friends from college. Most said they would go, some didn’t answer, and some thought it was too big a risk. This could be farther from the truth, because that house was more like plush fortress

Ece was sent to the nearest town to bring back some alcoholic beverages. When he came back, the whole truck-bed was full of beer, rum, vodka, and other liquors. His excuse was that the liquor store had been looted mostly, but he had shot the back door’s lock off, and had found the whole stash. He had neatly stacked the booze, and the squad helped him move it to the bar. After the move for the alcohol, they fixed the dining hall to have a dance floor, a stage, and a place to sit, and relax.

The first arrivals came 12 minutes early, Rai’s sister, Cassandra, and her friend Alyssa. Maikel immediately proceeded to hit on them, ushered them to a booth, where he sat with his arms around both of them. Barbster made a silent joke to Nick, who busted out in laughter. Pretty soon, there were people everywhere.  A brunette and her friend quickly overtook Travis, essentially forcing him to tell them the stories of zombies, and the deaths of his team members. Filled with silent laughter at them hanging on his every word, with their short gasps, and quick giggles when he made a little joke. He stood up abruptly, and asked the two women if they wanted anything. They both giggled more, and said yes. 

He went over to the bar, and sat next to Ece, Barbster, and Nick. They were watching Kronus and Auron doing the robot. It was a sight indeed, the dance’s jerky movements enhanced by their mechanical arms and legs. Ece had his eye on a brown haired beauty sitting in the corner alone. Barbster and Nick coaxed him to go over and talk to her, and after awhile, he did. He walked over, and sat down next to her. Barbster pointed again at Maikel, who had gotten up, with the two girls, and was going to a back room. Travis pointed out how Maikel wouldn’t have much sleep that night, and when asked why, he pointed to the TV monitor below the bar top. Nick pressed the “record” button, and Barbster just laughed at another of Nick’s jokes. It was now obvious Barbster had drunk a bit too much, and Travis pointed him to a blonde who was out on the dance floor with some movie star. Needless to say, Barbster jumped on the dance floor, and joined in.

Nick and Travis sat there for awhile, before Travis remembered the girls. He grabbed a tray, and loaded up with beer and vodka. He would have felt bad for not asking Nick to join him, so he did, and Nick followed him over to the girls, who had been fixing their make-up. After some talking, the girls asked if they wanted to go to a more private place. Travis looked at Nick, smiled, and they both simultaneously nodded.


The members of the squad woke up the next morning and shuffled from their rooms and beds, or in the case of Ece, a booth, where he was naked with two women on each side of him, also naked. Maikel threw a piece of ice at him, and woke him up. He put on his clothes, and woke up the two ladies next to him, motioning towards a room, and told them he’d be in there in a second.

Travis got the squad together, and they all looked rather... tired. He stood there for a second, about to announce something big, but decided to save it for later, after they all had there heads clear, and rested. This was for the better, so they could all have this thing fresh on their minds. It was very important, but could wait. At dinner, Travis told them all to be at the conference room early in the morning the next day.

When the squad awoke the next morning, they all went to the conference room and each person sat at their respectable places. Most of them were all bright and cheery, except Ece, who throughout the meeting had been vigorously scratching his groin. Maikel was sitting next to him, handed him a small tube and whispered something to him. Travis handed out sheets of paper. It was an invitation to a competition, one that would be set in Osaka, Japan.  It was an invitation to a contest of teams. Most large countries had them, and some certain countries had more than one team. This contest was one of fighting, battle and combat. Looking over the team list, in the Melee and Firearms category, was Squad 26. The team all looked confused at first, until Rai stood up, and spoke.

“I think we should compete. I mean, what else do we have to do, the Zombie army is in check for now, and all we have to do now is train and sit on our hands!”

The rest of the squad agreed. It was a unanimous decision. They were going to Japan.

Round 1

The squad arrived at the tournament arena, where they walked to the sign-up booth. An American, Japanese, and German man were sitting at the table, chattering in a language was obviously a Germanic language, but nobody could recognize it. Travis walked to the front of the group, and presented Squad 26’s file, which had rap sheets, medical records, and other vital information. The German man glanced over it and told them to go to Room 217. The members listened and obeyed, they were all pretty worn out from their day of packing, and finding documents, and in the case of Nick and Danny, forging them. The squad was out within 20 minutes. Tomorrow, they would fight.

The next morning, Squad 26 woke up to a surprise. Travis had brought 2 big boxes, filled with unknown objects. When he opened them, he presented the team with full battle suits, with Squad 26 embroidered on the left breast, and the members’ name on the back. The team put on their suits, and marveled, as they became skin-tight, but not uncomfortable. When asked, Travis just smiled, and replied with, “Erica is a good designer.”

They left the room, and made their way to the staging area. Maikel ran off to check the brackets, and to see when they were up. When Maikel came back, he told Travis they were up in 3 hours. Sitting around, playing cards games they learned in high school, was how they past the time mainly. Finally, a clear voice came across the speaker system. “Team Inferno and Squad 26! Report to the VR room!” Rai, who had checked the map earlier, lead the way.

In the room, the Squad got out of their jumpsuits, and into their VR suits. After configuring the settings, and setting a random landscape, the team stepped into massive VR room. Travis put on his helmet, and watched as the blank room was filled with trees, and sounds. They were in a jungle scenario, and Travis marveled at the intricacy of the tree bark, holographic frogs, and monkeys. He didn’t have much time, because his earpiece suddenly starting counting down from 10 to start the fight off.

Travis messaged the members, and told them to spread out. Travis leaped into the nearest tree, and crouched on a branch with a small dagger in his hand. The first real action came Nick called for help. Travis watched his radar as Nick steadily walked backwards, and as Maikel stalked Nick from the front, coming up behind Nick’s combatants. Less than 3 seconds later, a message came on his screen, proclaiming Hayden and Aaron slain by Maikel’s blade. After that came another message. “Digit has shotgunned Stephen.”

Travis saw his first quarry. The man was older than he was, but also apparently stronger. He had a huge two-handed sword, almost as tall as himself. The man stopped 3 feet from the tree Travis was hiding in, but after what seemed like an hour, he continued on, right under him. Travis nimbly jumped down right behind him, but somehow the large man anticipated this, and had swung his greatsword right where he was to land. Travis had to change direction in mid air, and he did this by maneuvering his scimitars in a way to deflect the blow from the greatsword. This in turn left him open for a blow to the ribs by one of the huge man’s fists. He took it in stride, and used the momentum to run up a tree, and jump over his head. The man did not expect a dual scimitar thrust to the back. He started to turn to deflect another double jab, and did manage to block the scimitar in Travis’s left hand, but not the right, which took his throat with a clean swing. “Travis has slain Hernandez”

He looked at his radar again, and noticed what seemed like Rai and Danny circling around something, probably members of Inferno. Travis told all clear members to help them, and noticed Ece break off in a run. He then heard the first loss for Squad 26.

“Ece was slain by Zorro” Travis turned and told Rai to take them herself, and he ran towards Ece’s last position to fight Zorro.

Zorro was a man of his stature, a bit thinner, as was his blade, a rapier. He was lightning quick, and Travis parried his jabs and used a quick double thrust to throw him off guard, before swinging his left scimitar in an arc at Zorro’s legs. Zorro stopped the attack with a quick flick of a dagger. They both fought for awhile, nobody getting any head-way. Travis was biding his time, waiting for the killing strike, tiring his opponent. “Rai has decapitated Soloman” Travis noticed the opening, he made a quick thrust towards Zorro’s groin, which took both of his weapons to knock out of range, but this left his head open for a slash. Travis did not go for the head. He wanted the element of fear and immortality for him. He cut Zorro’s torso completely in half.

“Zorro has been dismembered by Travis” “Danny has slain Mattius”

“Squad 26 wins by elimination”

Round 2

The Squad left the VR room in excitement. The first round had been easy, and if it was to continue in this fashion, they were going to win easily. Ece was moderately disappointed though that he had been slain so easily. He then found out there had been a glitch in the system, causing Squad 26 to take 5 times as much damage as they normally would have. This did not matter in this case, because nobody in the Squad got hit except Ece! 

Travis, Nick, and Digit went to check who they were to fight next and returned in quite fast. They had a fight against the Seraph Monatsians. This group of “Holy Warriors” was said to be descended from the Crusaders and Knights Templar. They had beaten a formidable team last round, and this was to be no easy fight. After that, Travis set out to find the details of the round at the Info-Booth, where they chose the scenario, and landscape. 

At the Info-Booth they used randomization to choose a Team Assault scenario in a desert landscape. This was to be no easy fight, even though the opposite teams’ heavy armor would slow them down, and make them easier to hit. They were playing in a landscape that was more adapted towards the other team. Travis returned to the room where Squad 26 was, and told them about the next match.
The Squad was fearless. They were not scared in the least. This match was to be an easy one in their eyes. Team Seraph had 2 members less than Squad 26, and was going to be eaten by they’re superior skill. Or so they thought. Squad 26 was called to the VR room, so they disembarked immediately. They arrived at the VR Room, set up, stood in the Arena, and waited for the landscape to come.

When the deserts’ sands came floating in, the Squad was next to each other. They began to advance across the dunes, at a determined pace. The Seraphians ran towards them, and pointed out their targets. A thin Seraphian pointed Travis out, and Travis knew he was going to be eliminated quickly. Rai and Digit were not pointed out, but this was no concern to them, they helped out where they were needed. Travis and his opponent met with a clash. He quickly scored a glancing blow on the other man’s forearm, but was shrugged off with no effect. The lithe man almost struck Travis with a mortal blow, had Rai not stopped it with block with her sword. Travis thanked her, and then kept fighting with the man.

The battle raged on, numbers dwindling on either side, the Squad had lost Danny, Nick, and Barbster. The other team was down to people. Travis was still fighting the same person, and was getting nowhere. The other man was showing signs of fatigue though, and Travis was about to break into his second wind. Suddenly, one of the other team’s members swung ferociously at Travis, who had to spin out of the way to dodge the blow. He came down hard on the sand, and the thin man shot a sword at his gut.
Travis had enough momentum to roll away from that killing blow, and quickly reversed his left blade in an arc, cutting a deep gash on the other man’s leg. Looking at his opponent’s health, he could tell he must have hit an important artery. The man attempted to jab the ground again, but was stopped when he felt a punch in the middle of his back. Travis looked at the man, and saw a massive blade sticking out of his armor like a badge. The blade was withdrawn, and the man dissolved out of the game. Auron was standing there with a large, gruesomely fashioned two-handed sword. Auron grin got much wider as he swung towards another of the foes, who attempted to block it, but was surprised when his blade went right through Auron’s. He was even more surprised when his head plopped on the ground. Rai finished her opponent, and the last man was easy enough to kill, especially after Travis cut his kneecap out. They were all beamed back into the room, were the went back up to the hotel room. The next fight was to be in two days, giving them time to rest.

Helping Hands

Travis and the squad were sitting in the room, watching a bit of foreign hologram shows. The phone rang, and Auron answered it. Kronus pressed the speakerphone button, and brought up a picture of a balding man, pleading for them to save the city. Kronus noticed an old gothic church, and Travis noticed a tall building, shooting skyward. He saw the glassy reflective sides and noticed an old ship in the background. He thought for a second, and realized the man was in Boston. He had long since gone, but had not hung up. The squad saw the tide of zombies. 

Since the White House was destroyed with the most of Washington DC, the remaining senators, governors, and other high-ranking officials voted to move the capitol to Boston. It had become the topic of a heated debate to keep the capitol in DC for awhile, but did not last long, as the Senate and House of Representatives wanted a move. It is hard to work with bodies everywhere.

Barbster rushed out of the room, and the rest of the squad followed him. They had very little of an idea of what he was doing, but knew they were going to do something about Boston’s predicament. Barbster ran onto the stage, knocked the announcer out of the way, and caught the Microphone on its decent. He told them about Boston, and one person turned on the television and saw it. 

Barbster started speaking about helping Boston. Travis ran back up to the room, and grabbed his scimitars, and armor. He knew there was going to be a fight, and one hell of one at that. People started flooding back to their rooms, to get their weapons and armor. Quite a few teams pledged to join the fight, 14 in all, 15 counting Squad 26 Barbster told the people to be back in the teleport room in 10 minutes, with all their weapons and armor on and ready to fight. 

Auron, Kronus, and Nick frantically searched the web for a telepad code, and found one on the subway. They brought up the blueprints of the city, and decided to use the subway as a haven for survivors, being able to ship them out via the trains, and blocking off certain gates and consolidating the Zombie force. Auron pointed out that if a team could get behind the main force, they could help any survivors, and stop any stragglers or reinforcements. Kronus agreed, and Auron and him gathered needed equipment, and left their armor and communications behind, as it would slow them down.	

Travis and the rest of squad 26, along with the other teams at the competition, all gathered in the teleport room. Nick pressed a single button, and the portal opened up. Travis led the groups in, and they all formed up. Each team taking a different road, with the teams mostly kept intact from the tournament. Squad 26 was split up to serve as guides, because most of the teams had no experience killing zombies, and were just members of some sort of Martial Arts group, or those following the old ways. Travis went with that group of Templars who were defeated by Squad 26 in round 2. 

Maikel led a group of Ninja like warriors, and with his speed he melded nicely into the group. They rushed off down one street, and Travis and the Templars went down another. He turned around to watch the rest, and saw as the groups rushed up the subway, and down the streets, to find the Zombie forces. He also saw Kronus and Auron running up to a huge building, and entering it. He then looked forward, and ran even faster, with the Templars right along with him.

Maikel’s group was the first to meet resistance, but it was a small little deterring force, the ninja’s blades and Maikel’s literally carving the Zombies into cubes small enough for the many prevalent seagulls. Maikel marked the place on his com-pad, and reported to the information to Travis. Travis’s group was on the next street over, so they could have been in for the main group of Zombies. Travis got the message, and relayed it to the Templars. He then sped up, looking for sport. This was going to be a long night.

Another Clue

He smelled it before he saw it. Turning a corner at full speed, Travis and the mighty Templar’s almost ran directly into it. It was enormous in size, bigger than any bear or elephant. The first images in Travis’s mind were of the mythical beings called Trolls, being large in stature, horrible in stench, and with the ability to regenerate itself, making it a tough foe indeed. Luckily there was only one, but it carried a thick piece of metal like a club, and swung it with uncanny accuracy. 

Its first swing took out two of the Templars, sending them into the old Capitol building. The next blow was sent towards Travis, who with amazing speed and dexterity dodged it with a roll. He radioed for help, and then rushed in to see what he could do to such a beast. How he felt so keenly as his first Scimitar sunk deep into the chest of the beast, and as his second scimitar severed its arm. The monster of rotting flesh stood no chance if this kept up, but it didn’t. With a swing of one massive arm, Travis was sent flying against a light post and was knocked out. 

Travis out of commission, Maikel rushed to the battle. He swung his blade with such ferocity that the Templars and Ninjas actually were shooken up, and took a step back in fear. This wore off after Maikel jumped off the hulk and landed next to them. The groups ran at it with all the rage of a bull elephant, and the beast was cut to pieces. Danny, Ece, and Nick came up after the quick fight, and saw it. Nick, always cautious, removed a mixture of gasoline and other liquids and poured it into a bottle, which he lit and threw it on the remains of the beast. When asked, a simple “Just in case” was his response.

        Digit, Rai, and Kevin ran onto the seen with their groups, and saw the pyre, and noticed the rest of the Squad. Rai ran over to Travis, and checked his vital signs. He had a pulse, and was breathing, so he was still alive. Travis opened his eyes, and said a single, quiet line before falling into unconciousness again. "That is going to hurt tomorrow." The sound was picked up by his mic, and the whole squad heard it. Kevin laughed grimly and nodded his head.  

        Digit's eyes darted around the area. He looked over down a street, and started to go down it with his group. Nick noticed his eyes, as they ran across the area looking for a way out. Nick motioned for his group to follow him, and they did without complaint. That street wasn't filled with bodies like the others. They had allowed enough time to let Digit get ahead with his team. They quickly caught up, running instead of jogging. Digit caught sight of Nick looking directly at him, with a new glint in his eye. One of revenge. 

       Digit turned, and fired a shot at Nick. Nick rolled quickly out of the way, and the bullet struck one of his group members in the shoulder, not doing much damage. The man was of course out of commission, but not dead. The rest of Digit's group turned and came at Nick's group. Nick quickly double stabbed one of the members, and used his blades as a vault to push him over the now dead man. He threw one of his knives with pinpoint accuracy and hit Digit in the wrist, causing him to drop his gun. Digit went for his military issue dagger with his left hand. The fought for a second, strength against speed. Nick stabbed deftly to the right shoulder, a feign, but as Digit moved to intercept it, he spun and stabbed the knife directly at the top of the neck, killing Digit instantly.

      Nick radioed back to Maikel a message, and they told the groups to go back to the subway. The search was called off.


Kronus and Auron returned from the building that they had entered, with two briefcases. They ran into the subway, and went back to the Alchemist’s home, where their base was still operational. Maikel, Ece and Barbster carried Travis back to the subway, and sent him through also. Nick, Danny and Rai brought up the rear of the group. When they all got back, Ece and Barbster wheeled Travis down to the Medical Bay, where he would spend time recovering. Nick, Maikel and Kronus went to Digit’s old room.

When they got there, Nick looked through Digit’s personal computer. After some searching, he found a set of emails that helped him discern that Digit was the one who set up the ambush that was supposed to kill Travis, but killed Nestor instead. After tracing the emails, they got a set of coordinates, and using some software that Nick had on his laptop, they found the exact location of the computer that sent the emails. They went to the conference room, where Maikel told them to hit the showers and sleep. During the night, Travis awoke. The nurse that was supposed to keep an eye on him had dozed off, so he removed the IV, walked back to his room, and went to sleep.

The next morning, Travis was still asleep when Barbster came into his room after going to the infirmary and checking on him. He rushed to Travis, and took his pulse, but before he got half way to his bed, apparently asleep pulled one of his scimitars from its sheath next to his bed. Barbster would have impaled him self on it, had he quickly seen the motion and sidestepped. Travis rolled to a sitting position, and opened his eyes. 

“Oh, Hi Barbster.” Travis said politely
“Jesus! You almost killed me!” exclaimed Barbster
“Well, with the way Digit’s been acting, I thought it was appropriate when I heard the door open.”
“About that, Nick killed Digit last night in Boston. We found out he was sent to kill you and the rest of the squad. Nick got him good though, dagger to the neck. Anyway, come to the meeting room, we’re gonna figure out how to meet the maker.”
“Of all of this?”

Travis jumped out of bed, but flinched when he stood up straight. He walked over to his dresser, and pulled on a pair of jeans, and an old “Abbey Road” T-shirt. Making use of one of his belts, he attached his sheathes. He and Barbster ran to the conference room.

Squad 26:2017; New Beginnings.

Travis followed Barbster down the hallway, and casually strolled into the confrence room. There were a few people he didn’t recognize, but Rai, Kronus, Auron, Nick, Maikel, Danny and Ece were all there. One of the people who he didn’t know stood up to address him. The man spoke in a voice with an odd accent.

“Hello Mr. Smith. So… wonderful for you to join us.”
“Charmed, I’m certain.” Chimed in another one of the unknown.
“Who are you, and what are you doing in this complex?” replied Ece.
“Are you cops?” added Danny nervously
“No, no. Nothing of the sort, I assure you. We came to ask you a favor Travis.” Replied one of the men.
“Sure. Go ahead.” Came Travis’s reply.
“We have a few people that would like to join your squad. One or two high class citizens. They would bring money and technology for this group, along with publicity. Of course, you’d have to make sure none of them died.”
“I can’t have two rich people to waltz in here and join us. I’m not gonna risk a member of my team just for you to have two completely useless people that we have to protect with us. These monsters are real, not some movie.”
“ Its not two, its 3. We recruited one more for good measure. I’m assuming you’d like a demonstration of their prowess?”

A knock on the the door had it open in a flash...


Erica poked her head in the door. The two men and the rest of the squad looked confused, but Travis had a just unveiled a wide grin.  She crossed around the table, and took a seat next to him, but didn’t say a word. Travis looked at the two men. One of them procured a small disc, and placed it in the open slot in the projector.

Two men showed up on the screen, and proceeded to demonstrate their abilities with a sword and gun. They were shown shooting pistols and AK-47’s, and using swords on live zombies. Even Travis’ eyes widened a bit when one cleaved a zombie completely in twain. Not fully convinced, he stood up, and pressed the off button on the projector. 

“They seem to have good technique. I think we can have some sort of a pre-emptive mission, as to get a wider idea of their skills. What are their names again?”

“Lance Sulizar and Joseph Bellotti.”

“Tell them to get here A-SAP.”


Seven teens in two cars drove an empty highway. There were reports that people were to leave the Springfield area. Ryan, driving the ‘87 Camaro, followed the ’06 Saturn Ion. Doug, driving the Ion, sped along the highway at close to 90 miles per hour. Sherman, sitting in the back seat of the blue-ish blur, sharpened his sword. A magnificently large blade, 5 feet long and 6 inches wide, it was the largest of the blades in the Doug’s car. The two falchions laid out on the floor boards were Doug’s, while Josh’s blade lay across his lap. 

Traffic into the city was light, but getting out of it would be no easy task. The group entered the city, running a road-block. They continued down Main, until they got to 4th Street. They turned into the parking lot, and got out of the cars. Doug opened the trunk, and tossed two sets of Chest protectors to Sherman and Josh.

“You guys ready? Got your serums?”
“Yep. Got mine. One dose, right?”
“Right. Sherman, do you have yours?”
“Duh. Don’t leave home without it.”

Ryan, Ross, Aaron and Matthew got out of the Camaro. Ross tossed them all a set of protectors. Ryan tossed Aaron his machetes. Ross, with his long machete in a sheath over his shoulder, strode over to Doug.

“Dude, are you sure about this? We all only have one serum. We have to leave the rest in the car.”
“Ross. I’ve been waiting for this my whole life. We’re not passing this up.”

Sherman poked Doug hard on the shoulder, and pointed to his left. There was a lone man, stains of blood on the front of his shirt, shambling his way towards the group. It wasn’t too close yet, but was beginning to pick up its pace. Matthew grabbed his bow, and drew back an army-issue broad head arrow. He let it fly, and clipped the man’s leg. The man dropped to the ground, and begun crawling towards the group. Matt let another arrow loose, and hit the man in the head. He stopped moving. 

“Well… Nice shooting Matt. Not bad for a newbie.” Josh said.
“Hey, you didn’t do that good against your first.” Sherman spouted.
“Neither did you… None of us did good against our first. Then again, it was a different fight then.” said Ryan.

The seven teens got into a customary circle. Doug put his blades in the center, followed by Ryan, Ross, Aaron, Josh, Sherman, and ending with Matthew, who put an arrow on top. They broke off, and stood in a straight line, back towards the sun. Painted in blood on their backs, the word “Havoc” was clearly seen.

Claybough Plaza

Ryan, Aaron, Doug and Sherman casually walked down the sidewalk. There were reports of zombies in the area, but they didn’t see any. Josh, Ross, and Matthew had gone to another likely spot. Ryan poked his head around a corner, and realized why the reports were issued. A crowd of the fiends was shambling there way through the concrete jungle. Ryan looked at Aaron, who in turn, looked at Sherman, who looked at Doug, who spoke.

“Why are you guys looking at me? We all know what to do…”

A wild smile stretched across his face. Flicking a small knife from his belt to his hand, he twisted his body and hit the nearest beast in the neck. He broke into a sprint towards the beast, and lopped its head off with one of his falchions. Doug saw the other three draw there weapons and move toward the group. Sherman’s eyes blazed, as he lifted his giant sword and cleft the nearest being in half. He knocked two of them back with his back-swing, and hefted the great weapon for a second swing, tearing through three of the fiends.  Aaron went to work furiously on two of the beasts, one who was well over 6 feet. Ryan leaned against a light pole, until one of the beasts tried to sneak up from behind. A well-placed blade went from the lower left side to upper right in the blink of an eye. 

“These guys aren’t new, their so easy to cut.” Ryan blustered
“I felt that too. I can barely tell this thing was human once.” Aaron shouted in return, as he rammed his machete through the brutes neck.
“I don’t care. 3 days, 3 weeks. No difference for me.” Came the reply from Sherman.

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The Beginning; the Break up of Team 121

The team sat in the debriefing room with the General. He was a short, heavyset man, with no military experience, but a large supply of money. He had been given his position after he pulled a few strings with the legislature. He was a heartless, cold man. He didn’t care about the team, only if the mission objectives had completed.

Travis, along with Barbster, Ece, and Maikel, had already made the plan to leave the team. Travis was angry, he had sent his teacher, like a father to him, and 2 of his friends on a suicidal mission. Barbster, on of his friends on the mission, had only made it out because he was lucky enough to find the complex’s telepad, where he set some charges, and teleported to a safe place. David and Stephan didn’t make it out, as humans...

“General, I’m leaving the team.” Spoke Travis.
“Humph! Good! I don’t need some wussy like you!” said the exasperated man
“I’m leaving too, and so is Ece and Barbster” shouted Maikel

The four men stood up, and rushed out of the room. Before the left, they rushed into the armory, and took as many weapons as they could carry, and a few transporters and portable telepads. They rushed out of the complex, got into Ece’s truck, put the weapons in the back, and rushed to a hidden bunker, known only to Ece.

“Its just down this hill” said Ece
“Good, I get car sick” responded Barbster
“I wonder if the military will miss the stuff we took” started Maikel
“Pfft… They’d have to find us first. Then theirs the matter of facing the worlds four best fighters for them” spoke Travis.

Everyone took a laugh to the last thing Travis said. They didn’t look like the worlds best fighters, far from it actually. They all were of the same general build, a little taller than average, lean, and scars. They all had their fair share of scars, however, it was Maikel who won that contest. He had a hand print scar on his chest. We had never asked what it was from, and we really didn’t want to know.

They reached the bunker, and set it up. After setting it up, they decided that 4 men could do very little to the likes of millions, and they needed a bigger team. They called all their friends from the Academy, where they had learned how to fight without firearms, after the banning of firearms. They got a hold of some people, and who they did talk to, welcomed to join their team. Most agreed, and said they’d be over to the bunker as soon as possible.

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The new segment is great; nice truck, Ece :slight_smile:

Really? SWEET! I like the story even more now :smiley:

Do I survive lol?

erm… I don’t think your in it… yet.

2500th post… wewt.

the sig (made in like 5 min on photoshop, 10 if you count where photoshop didnt respond.


Nice Auron, I’ll see if I can whip up one quickly…

Sweet, I am the leader of the Beta team. It is cool how you are tieing the information we gave you beforehand into it. You are a really good writer Ari. I really like the story :smiley: