sry for double thread but...

my alias is eek-a-mouse but sum guy already had it so i changed my rs name to eekky. as you can see in this pic. people who have traded me will no my name is eekky and this isnt sum guy i have nicked a pic of. this was the original pic i posted in the other thread.

i scaled it down for this reason:

I viewed the WARNING sticky about posting bank pics, so i scaled it down to cut my name and stats off so im less of a target for hackers.

Seeing as every1 thinks im some type of sad nerd who tries to make friends by looking cool, i have been forced to post the original.

Yes i did sell my purple phat for part of the outfit. Also im not annoyed by people’s comments and understand that not every1 would believe it, but i hope u can see the above pic and believe it is not fake. If you can b bothered, msg me in rs and i tell u where i am and u can meet me to see it for urself. i probably be world 84 legends guild training to lvl 70 att to wear my whip.

Sorry for the misunderstanding

still put on ur eqipt page so we see the truth

dont see what difference it makes

Yeah, i want to see equip page too. I also saw a lvl 70 with dragon platelegs.

it’s true his rs name is eekky i’ve sold him some stuff so all the people that were calling him a liar u ppl are wrong

eeky, i already made a post defending u…i told u in rs :slight_smile:

Yeah, I’ve traded with eekky too. There’s nothing wrong with the pics and they’re believable. It’s amazing how you have that at a low level though.

=) its cool guys thx

Are you still sufficiently rich to buy items though?

Its kinda frustrating caus my stats own yours yet i only have 23m

I like how you say only 23m. God, I’m so poor.

ye i still got 4mil-6mil for buying materials

it is true he is a member i looked up his name and its true he is a member :ninja:

…big deal. ppl under lvl 77 have done Legends so thats not so amazing. and hes got some cash to sport his full drag :slight_smile: i believe its real.

Sorry for the whole misunderstanding.

wtf is going on