ss update

has everyone who has got swiftswitch seen the new update? :confused:

what update??

yea…i updated but what doees it do?

Why dont you read the updates instead of spamming the forums moron?

~:crazy: spartan

becuase i have it set to a start world on 28 so i didnt get to read it. idiot

So…? Dont make it start the world then read it idiot

~:crazy: spartan

so why dont you stop spamming and flaming me moron?

anyways i just saw the update mmmkay

Shut up, you crazy bastard. Must you be so mean?

Im a crazy bastard :frowning:

~:crazy: spartan

Its better, with the auto retry if a world is full… very handy :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, i think that it has been the best update in ages.

I got Swift Switch but I haven’t heard the update.

P.S. 200th post lol