Staff of Zarcos

I know I suck at pictures… :frowning:

Well I think it looks good.8/10

Master Attacker, not to sound rude but can you please change your avatar. I look to find my last posts and such by finding that avatar and kinda gets confusing.

yeah and i think this mod deserves it, he is kinda a king, but back on topic, its pretty nice, what did you use to make it?

Yeah,but you can see the golden crown in your name so it won’t get confusing.

ok… :?

It already has got confusing in the little time you’ve had it. The gold star is hard to notive at a glance. I can’t make you change it…

Yes please do master attacker.Sometimes I get mixed up with you and Sportfreak untill I look at the little crowns.

Yeah, was your ok to me or to master, lol.

Do I have to change my avatar I like it…

I can’t make ya, just gets annoying.

Nice 7/10

Sooner or later ill change it ok?

wat is it any ways

Oh my gosh now 2 people with it! :evil:

Omg she is copying the avatar too! :x

Master Attacker btw your agility and herblore arent even above 30 let alone 99 and 84.

Man…Sportfreak your avatar is pretty popular.

I have an itsy bitsy feeling their doin it to make me mad :wink:

Either that or they want to be just like you.

actualy in the subject of my post is something cool just look

saradomins kittens will own all!!!