Staking 1mill in Pool!

Go to click on games sign in and click on pool. Tell me room, day and time.

I’ll fun, if you win I will give you 15k.

hmm this gambling thing is starting to become a fad…but o well

If u lose don’t bother say you have been scammed

i have 2 thing to say 1. i agree with koshido and 2, get my quoted quote out of your sig i quoted it!!!

LOl. u just got copy-righted

and guthix i said your like retarded keyser

well, your like retarded GUTHIX!!

ya but u wana now something, he wont, cause hes not going to cry about iot

If you win you won’t get their money…-.-

Don’t bet him guys…He’s a scamming noob that took Red’s whip

its just plain stupid of bettin mony,…,. he mightve scammed you so i dont realy play it but i mgith a few times

Omfg!!! Ppl it was just a fricken whip! Its pixels!! I won’t scam! :mad:

:bouncy: ~Guthix Owns Joo~

JUST a whip??? IF you think so little of it give it back to red!!!

pay red back then if its “just a whip”

Good point. I don’t think we should be able to have these betting topics on RSR because doing this is teaching kids that its ok to bet and guess what? They’re probably going to become gamblers when they grow up. So yes its pixels now but sooner or later it’ll be real money.

Yer,It’s pixels someone who has taken their time to archive

i want my quote out of ur stupid sig if u wont spell it right

I’ll play!!

But but but…I don’t exactly want to play RS anymore…so…can we just fun? (:

>.> And also the commotion has got me to doubt staking, but either way, no gp from me ^^.

EDIT: My firewall is blah blah blocking me connection, and I don’t really wan’t to take it off ): Sorry.

o yes, just a whip, red whip, which u took, thats worth 4mil on rsr and thats alot of money, if its, just a whip, give it bak to him or pay him bak scammer

then why dont u put it as a exceptation?

i didnt know HIGH LVL people scam!!!?? thats a poor shame