Star Citizen - Upcoming Space and Combat Simulator

Has anyone heard of this gem in the making?
Star Citizen is an upcoming space trading and combat simulator in development by Chris Roberts and Cloud Imperium Games. It will consist of two main components: first person space combat and trading in an MMO-style Persistent Universe and modifiable, optionally cooperative private servers including a branching single player campaign known as Squadron 42.

Here’s a quick guide on the official forums.

Some news articles about parts of the game:

Hope I can get some other people hyped to this upcoming game.
78 million in crowd-funding can’t go wrong!


"So it’s another Swtor…?

Kidding, kidding. Looks pretty good, though I’m not great at flight combat in video games… So pretty much limits a big reason to get the game for me. Although, watching it, I’m definitely interested to see how it turns out.

(I love watching the damage model though, they did a great job on how the ships look/fall apart.)"

"I actually never played Swtor, but that’s more quest driven right? There’s this story and all you can follow, it’s more all laid out for you. Not here.
I’d compare it more to Eve Online I think or the older games like Freelancer or Chris Roberts’ Wing Commander.
Elite: Dangerous is also quite similar I think and pretty recent.

Btw, I’m totally crap at flight combat myself, don’t let that hold you back. I’ll just focus on exploration and trading. Or participate in the FPS part of the game. And if I get attacked while in space, run like hell. Or call some backup :stuck_out_tongue:
Plus you can get insurance on your ships, so as long as you fly in ““safe”” zones, you won’t really lose much apart from cargo I guess.
And in time, I might get a hang of it.

And there’s so much attention to detail, it’s insane!
Helmet Flip! (Start 3:16)"

Interesting… looks like it has potential

“Yeah, that’s why I backed them, I really got high hopes.
I’ve also have had to resist this urge to buy more ships many times. I want to earn them in game instead.”

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