Star wars 3 revege of the sith

Who has played this game i stuck at the moment on the bit when u fight anakin he,s tough i nealy best him but he healed and killed me befor i got him

use well before u fight him do u have lvl 3 force heal and force push? because if u dont have both of those u wont live

I got level 3 heal yes i use that a lot when i nock some1 down

to beat anakin your going to want to get a lot of secrets with obi-wan

when do usually die on that boss anyway

on the brige he,s always healing when i damage him alot

when hes heal use force push or force stun

I have only played multyi player in that game but I know that force puish is always helpful

I have one thing to say, Cheat Codes. A good place to look for hints and tips is

when in doubt or stuck in a game. your next best friend is cheat codes that will help you overcome the obstacle!!!

I sorry monkeyboy but i don,t what to cheat i nealy completed this game

Ok. Me, I just use cheat codes when i get bored of trying to get eveyrthing.

ive completed it. theres an alternat ending anikin kills obi lolz.and a yoda bonus mission

Errrr thank u andre i realy whated to know that by getting there myself