Star-Wars: Clone Wars flash!

hi everybody, im making a star-wars flash wich wil be called Clone-Wars,
just thought i’d show u guys some pics!

if the images dont work, just go to the links, Oh and don’t mind the clonetroopers walking animation… i cant make walking animations :x

THATS COOL! I hope u put the video on RSR when its finished!

Lol sorry, i love the new smileys, ty for the positive comments! it’l be in episodes of 1 minute ea, ill post every part here, kay? :angel:

lol cool ther cool

ty very much!

Lol, that really is cool, and since I love Star Wars, it can only be good news for me.

(Separatists own 8-))

~ ewok

pretty sweet man i like the destroyer droid
P.S.- how u get new smilies??

Wow, I like the destoryer droid and the first one with the ship the best. I think they look awesome! I can’t wait until the flash version comes out!

If you look very closely, one of the Clone Trooper’s chest is moving up and down, indicating breathing, I like the attention to detail.

~ ewok

Woah that’s really cool!

your right you cant. lol. there really good. cant wait to see the final product. i wish i cud make flash animations.

yep, ur the first to notice that :slight_smile:
its becuz i used the same clonetrooper like in the walking animation, and the walking clonetrooper is breathing too.

ill begin making the separatist vehicles/droids now… i already made tambor watt, next is the battle droid

Can u make a battle droid? LOVE BATTLE DROIDS…

Separatists > Clone Troopers :p.

Shoulda made one with Imperial Stormtroopers, they own :sunglasses:

~ ewok

lol the second ones sweet…u should put it as an animated sig lol

clones < separatists, the separatists do look much cooler than the clones, but i dont see a bunch of battle-droids do a smart move, i mean the clones can think, the droids are just plain dumb…lol

The driods are computers, they’re smarter than the Clones :p, the Separatists have better style anyway :stuck_out_tongue:

~ ewok

Hey I’m not that much of a fan of Star Wars really, BUT those flash pictures you got going so far seem to be GREAT! Can’t wait until you’re done!!! :smiley: :smiley:

me neither :smiley:

oh and mr.parris, Computers cant think! HA!

remember this is just the begining, it needss LOADS of editing, and the complete flash will have a geonosis battle, okay?