Star Wars Episode IV Pixelized!

Watch this!

Lol! That’s funny… A little rushed tho. The whole movie in less than 2 mins =P

lol thats cool pretty fast

YES! now I don’t need to buy a DVD! LOL jk, it’s a pretty good pixel, it goes super-fast though.

lol cool, I think somebody had a little extra time on their hands…

~:crazy: spartan

idk why
but I don’t like it lol

That’s impressive!!

Oooo thats nice. :stuck_out_tongue:

thats pretty sweet although rushed but still must have taken a long time if it was pixels.

there is one problem thogh…YOU GAVE LUKE AND OBI-WAN THE WRONG COLOR LIGHTSABERS!!! you gave them both green ones and in the movie they both had BLUE ones…shakes head what is this world coming too?..

other than that it was a good pixel…if you like watching the whole star wars movie in like 2 minutes…

wow that’s great!

Very kewl, didn’t understand a thing. =)