Star wars III

Star wars episode 3 is the best star wars ever post ur favorite quotes scenes like dislike here

i have to say that star wars 3 was ok but the beggining was a little scetchy.
personally i thing star wars 4-6 are the best episodes

Yeah Star Wars III was a good movie.
Except it was to violent for the kids this time.
But it was the best movie of all star wars!


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[b]I am a very big fan of Star Wars. And III was a very good addition to the movies.
I liked the fight with Vader (Anakin) & Obi-Wan-Kenobi, at the end. It was exciting.

I had the game for the PlayStation, I completed it in two days it was not too hard. But a brilliant game.[/b]

To tell the truth, III wasn’t amazingly good.

I - Boring! Who’d watch this!
II - Go Clones, otherwise boring.
III - Better than first 2
IV - VI - Complete ownage!

I am also a huge Star Wars fan. I could tell you any person’s name, any movie. I can re-anact most of Episode One :slight_smile:

The third movie was awesome. The action scenes were amazing. The beginning space battle was a classic beginning to Star Wars, right in space. The overall battle was good, but they should’ve made the murder of Dooku a bit more…dramatic. The love scenes between Padme and Anakin seemed very forced, and way too brief to be believable. Then, the end. It was brilliant. The saber fight between the newfound Vader and Obi-Wan was very exciting and ends it with a bang! The birth of the kids was nessacary but I believe it took away from the good ending. Good thing they came back strong with Vader in the end.

I love these movies :slight_smile:

Episiode 4 is so boring!
I do not really get you lol.
Do you think old stuff are good?

The only sucky star wars was episode 1 lol

It wasn’t that bad. Although, it is my least favorite.

id have to pick between…all of them
I-had the pod races, and had maul and qui gon jin(sp), hes me fav jedi
II-started the war, was pritty sweet
III-had grevious, favorite enemy, and had the beginning of the rebelion, so i was like sweet
IV-…accually it sucked
V-Hoth, and cloud city, + boba fett
VI-Endor, fighting on Death star…some other stuff havent seen it in a while
but III was 1 of ym favs

1 i think that episode II and III made clear alot of things but i feel that II cud have had more action
2. where do u guys get the penguin avatar>?

Star wars 4 is so gay.
It was so boring gosh!
I only saw some of it.
And rtheres just too little action.

It was a good movie, nice action scenes

Is it just me or does anaking trade hair with obi wan lol

i liked it very much i got every1 one in DVD NOW! but yes i liked it 10/10

The star wars series was unparraled (SP) in action and more did u kow george lucas has made 100+Million from movies

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I’m a massive Star Wars fan, but I have to say that the latest ones aren’t as good as the old Episodes.

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I liked the fightning scene in the end of movie…very fast and very cool…but i think griveus just got asskicked too easily :stuck_out_tongue: