Star Wars KOTOR2, Sith Lords

OK u all shoulda known star wars knights of the old republic 1,now tehres a sequel
it is coming out in march and is rated 9.5/10
it is a MUST have for start wars fanatics like me!
if u also got any game that u know is gong to come out on xbox shortly
please post as i am willing to spend my b’day money on games
P.S today is my bday i turned 11!YaY! :lol: i kno im young =(

i never played it but my friend matt loves it… ill let him know :wink:

its a great game, kotor2 to is going to blow most rpgs out of the water, kotor 1 was amazing, great story line, great graphics, great gameplay, great assortment of weopens, i feel sry for the people who cant get it :stuck_out_tongue: im not sure if its going to come out on pc, kotor 1 did but that was after the release of it on xbox