Starting a Clan!!!

I am starting a clan it will be called the Death clan. you must have the following:
+50 attack
+48 defence
+50 strength
+40 magic
+30 range
+40 woodcutting
+60 mining
+30 smithing
+40 hitpoints

must have all to join

here is the clan logo soon to be personalized


I have everything except 48 defence (45)
Could i still join?

ya u still can just work on it

You’re not gonna get many peple if there’s 60 Mining…I would join but A. I’m already in and B. Don’t have 60 Mining…but cool banner, I can make u a cooler one for like 15k if you want, special price for u, just click my sig!

hey evil orange nice sig shop!

O.k.i admit my sig stinks…