starting an army

me and my friend are starting a runescape army, any1 who wants to join i need u to participate in the poll and pm me about being in the army. my runescape username is king ruler23 so all who want to join add me to your frinds list. and again for any info about being in the army pm me and ill let u know asap :headbange :flattop: :ninja:

Do you mean like, a clan, of some sort? Ah, I don’t play RuneScape anymore, but just a tip-try posting this in the Clans section :D.

Yes. I agree with Malibu.

no it is not a clan its just an army

It’s a pk clan. Get over it. Wrong section too.

ok maybe your right about it being a clan but it soooooo long to make this thing

Well just PM a moderator (If you don’t know who’s one, just somebody with a green name,) have them move it.

Although it’s technically a clan, you could call it whatever you want, lol.

Yes it does take a long time to make it.

how do i find a moderator without looking all over the site

Go onto the homepage. The people in colors other than normal members (the overall color lol) are important people who all have the powers of a mod. pick one, click on it and find send private message. click it and type away :wink:

Goes in Wilderness or Runescape.

ok thnx magekill ill do that

Your welcome :D. Glad to help