Starting GFX Again! (Preview inside!)

Well, I’m taking up GFX again, and what better way to start than with a new signature!


V2: (I altered the render on this one. :P)

Like I said on Innovation,

Its an excellent sig, but I like V2 better. Text needs some work.

Yay! You’re starting again ^^
I like v1. V2 is just plain ugly :stuck_out_tongue:
Lower the darkness of the text and it’ll look good, or color it.
Nice job ^^

v1 is much better. Like dama said fix the text a little.

Yay, Fallon is back!

You need to work on your text a little and that is about it. Looks great B)

What do you mean Dama?

Whatchu talking bout? It clearly says Fallon in my post…

Sorry, I have a cold and can’t see straight and yea.

Yay, I’m back :tongue: !
I hate colds :fever: . You do get to miss school, which is a plus, though :stuck_out_tongue:
Once again, great sigs ^^

It’s Spring Break…

I know. Which, I guess, stinks :stuck_out_tongue:
I was thinking the same thing when I press reply.
I was just too lazy to edit it ^^

Speaking of of on-topic…



I’m glad you’re starting GFX again, Fallon. I always loved your work ;).

V1 is better. You can barely see the render on V2.