Starting Monkey Madness I need tips!

Hey people…I’m about to attempt (key word attempt) Monkey Madness. I’m level 73, and I have 41 prayer. I’m not very rich, so I can’t buy super super everything potions. Though if I can sell these stinkin’ rnager boots…anyway that’s another story. But I was wondering if anyone had any advice before I go get myself killed by a level 195. I heard it’s best if you mage or range him, but my ranging’s only 20 and mage is 33. I also heard he can hit 30’s (oooh thats scary!) and I will probably need sharks. Any advice? Thanks for reading my senseless blabbing. Frogs rule. quest guides :wink:

No i dont mean a quest guide…ive already got runerealms, tip it’s, runehq’s, runesalmanous, and now that one! i need people with experience!!!