starting new sig shop need one person

okay so once u want to join add each other on aim or ill get a msn
if u dont have aim but first post here

:huge: :y :huge:

Sure ill help. Do I get paid?

um actaully i need somone in upcoming around my skill sorry
show me some of ur work and i will see

Heres one I did:

Swordplay, that isn’t yours. That’s from RuneHQ.

that’s not urs swrodplay.It even says RuneHQ

ugh im never gonna find neone!

ill do it…if you think im good enough

can i have 3 examps pl0x =)

POLO IS OWNAGE TAKE HIM. I like his designs.

stop spamming i still need examps

and you can look at my signature

okay u can join ill come up with a form sometime =)