Starting out in RS could be easy if this was you!

I just remembered something from when I started playing runescape. I had just finished the tutorial and I was heading up to varrock. I meet this level 50 dude who was killing dark wizards. He came running up to me demanding food, so I put up my bread and shrimp and I had from the tutorial. To my surprise he put up a plate shield. So we accepted and I went on to varrock. This was in the holidays and my cousin had introduces me to runescape. I showed him the armor the dude gave me and nearly fainted. I had traded 1 piece of bread and 1 cooked shrimp for an addamant plate!!! I had no idea what an addy plate was sooo my cousin educated me on the different types of armor in RS. I was fasinated that an addy plate was worth 17k (which was a lot since i just started) I ended up trading it for 4 full sets of mith. which I kept 2, sold 1, and gave 1 to my cousin.

Unfortunaley, shortly after this event, some evil doer :twisted: stole my account!!

Well, I would say congrats, buy since your account was stolen, Im sorry to hear that and hope you get your account back.

Yeah, some people are really nice on rs. Thats why i think it has worked so well.

When I first started playing some guy gave me full brunze armor.

Thanks all you wicked cool non-low level righ players.

I remember whn I first started, some guy helped me out and showed me round, then gave me full steel. (His combat was 29 and I thought we was really powerful. :?)

I like to help out new players because I remember how I felt when that happened.

Some guy was buying an addy large the other day so I gave him an addy large (g) that I just got from a clue, for free.

I don’t know why I did that, but he was so happy.

yea its the best feeling giving stuff away…i gave a guy full rune, baxe and 2h…as he had just completed dragon slayer and i had a spare set going lol…it made his day…no it made his life by the way he reacted lol…just over a bit of rune :stuck_out_tongue:

wow an addy plate they arent that expensive so ur not really that lucky

if you read it properly instead of shooting through every topic in this forum to get your post count up, you would see the part that says “when i started playing runescape”

I get a better feeling from turning down free stuff or things too easily obtained than I do from accepting them. I like to use what I have earned in the game to accomplish set goals. When you complete something you’ve set the bar to, and without any help from others, it gives you a great sense of accomplishment.

can i have rune? lol

I hope ur acc comes back btw