Stat rate

hi im kind of a noob at this game can you rate my combat stats and my woodcutting please? ps. ive got full addy and rune scimmy

why does the poll have nothing to do with the post? anyway, i have dragon and rune, your stats are okay

I’ve got full rune basically… It’s basically as far as I go since I’m not a member…

i got black armour that i dont want and rune i need. mayb i can give u some black armour for free?

this topic has nothing to do with your armour its about “rate my stats”
i give them a 3/10 (becuase ur total lvl is 274) but you have a decent woodcutting

according to ur stats u cant wield rune

my stats are updated now i can now lol sorry

calenel wat legs are they in ur picture

your combat is not too bad. your woodcutting is reasonably good. you have a lot of lvls under 1 but your probably not a member. im glad to see youre making an effort to raise your prayer lvl as some high lvl noobs say it doesnt affect combat. so i rate 4/10.

and i have rune.

oh, and you wont be weilding rune plates with 1QP.

yeh i no ill b doing quests once i get 40 defense and the rune chain body etc