stay in school

kids stay in school, cuz drinking will do this to ya

lol ok…that was very “helpful”…u spent like 20gp on beer?

Some one has had a few too many…

No sleepy… he took them off the table lol.

Anyway… that’s easy. Let’s have everyone tke a pic of they’re 0 attack. Barbarian Village meeting! =) lol.

lol how many beers did u drink

you guys are stupid…all you have to do to get free beer is get an empty glass and use it with the barrel with a nozzle thing.

Omg seriously stop flaming people for doing stuff on runescape.

lol sorry sorry seriously im just retarded tonight like i said in my siggy thing that you were in…

Hahahahah this is the funnyiest sig I’ve seen in my life!!! ROFL!!! Stay in school because if you don’t you get drunk and get 0 atk! ROFL!!!..this was the most pointless thread ever -.-

^^^my sig? lol thanks thats what i was going for lol

Next lesson… Syringes!!!

lol, thanks. where can u get free beer??? on what nozzel thing???