stech monster 2

1 hour later look what happend rate 1/10

wtf lol :confused:

Soz if this is off topic but 2 of these kind of fourms came out im glad 1 of um got locked

one hour, what a massive waste of time, and a waste of my 5 minutes.
lol jk venom, ur cool.

Awwww thx mate

Well…it looks very cool and I like it so I’ll rate it a 9/10. Keep it up.

Cool u became a house of lord,nice 1.

hey its cool an all but umm…what is it?

Read the title ,stech monster,

Oo! Looks Like Flubbers Best Friend!!



although i dont know wat it is…8/10…looks cool:)

Flubber that film is funny.

yea but…whats a stech monster?..

Nice picture but I don’t get it.

BloodFire :hot: