Stieve_666's Timber Company Employment

Hello,and welcome to my timber company.All orders not picked up after 2 days of ordering will be canceled.Any orders over 40,000 gp,if you want i will reduce the price 10,000 gp in order for you to give me a power ammy instead of paying 10,000 gp.Im also going to use 22_immortal’s idea of the credit system.I talked to her about it and she said it was alright.but im not going to use elps im going to use REPs(Runescapian Employment Points).In order for this to work im going to need woodcutting workers to help me do the job.But to get the job you must do a simple task.The task is to bring me either 100 normal logs,75 willows,or 50 yew logs.One of the three.
The form you must fill out is below.
Wcing LVL:
Logs you will bring me:
Hours you usually stay on a day:

I will post the prices of logs and the orders and my employees in a different post.For now im just hiring.The time i will be hiring workers will from 9:00 A.M Central timezone Wednesday to Friday at 10:00 A.M central timezone.Then i will not be back for the weekend.Ill be back on Sunday,leaving Friday.thanks

Wcing LVL:52
Logs you will bring me:100 normal logs
Hours you usually stay on a day:3-4 when at school , 7-8 when not

(im in a different timezone though im GMT)

ok well this thing is no longer open