Still banned...

Well, Jagex still feels like wasting time, and wasting another day of members credit… It has been six days, and they will have made it my seventh day when I finally get it back…

Curse you jagex!!!?!?!:crowded:

lol still banned eh lol?

I miss my Goku!!!

Wow, you must have a great urge to get back to playing lol.

Second thread on this.

Read the new sticky.

posts like these r not allowed… its stickied at the top of the page, this is gonna get locked.

EDIT: damn you lutenist… you beat me to it! i wanted to play boss for once…

See. Sticky.

gokus just a noob just ignore these posts =P

Stupid fr00bs, jagex dosent care about there players, Now this is a strange question but can u send me a pic of your bank goku, please

^^ im not dissing jagex in anyway ;), I was just wrong about when i was gonna be unbanned lol :slight_smile: ^^ he he % sign :wink:


Being retarded is fagex’s job.

so ur getting unbanned tomorrow goku?

I better be unbanned…^^ :hyper::cutie::rotfl::cutie::hyper:

are u sure u read it right? what if it say 6 year ban =)

yes otherwise u’ll make jagex suffer, and i just made myself look rich, with anothewr fake

Fagex hates you man

obviously 0.0…

did u know fagex is a forum? its a cheating forum with. I didnt say site though so its ok. How do i know about it? i umm… used to auto 3 years ago and got IP banned, i got a new computer and a new internet provider so… Anyways, hope u get unbanned.

well maybe for jagex theres a time difference so maybe 6 days for them is 7 days for you :confused: if not then you might be perm banned :frown:

nah, not permenant, cause when i went to appeal it it told me "You can’t appeal a temporary ban!

You have 1 day left of your ban"

or some crap like that… I can’t post a pic because jagex thinks they control pictures -.-

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