stop these virus's and gemme a real autominer!!!

come on you all have heard of the virus’s that are loaded in those autominers , autocookers, and autosellers now i want one that actually works and wont gemme a virus lucky for me i have norton anti-virus whick got it rid of all of those stupid things and trust me even if you have a anti-virus you can get a virus and i got some programs and it started clicking everywhere when i diddnt move my mouse and even when i unplugged it so DONT GET THEM WITHOUT KNOWING about virus’s i got a keylogger from it and it said a keylogger is in your computer and i had to do a whole system restore so watch what you do but have any of you actually tried a autominer that works properlly and doesnt give you a virus so just write the name of teh program and a link to the site for it thank

add me - kimchi1234 , kid366 , forest kirby , and djm150

look, if you’re going to download an autominer, you deserve to get viruses and trojans


I don’t think its suitable that you should’ve posted a topic about wanting a autominer, this topic should be locked, and maybe even involve banning.

haha you deserve to get a virus you lazy a s s

This thread just screams: LOCKED