Stories of an Old Timer

Okay. It was the winter of 04. Children ran around, building their snow forts, waiting for the battle yet to come.

And then there was me.

Me, the lone assasain, the woman with the skill to take out three kids with one snowball (They were standing really close together in a line… Think:Domino Effect) I was the one girl to enter the game, and the only one to win.

Want to know more?

yeah i do .

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Alright then…

I hadn’t planned on participating, but they had nailed my kid brother in the forehead with a snowball (it had a rock in it.), and I wasn’t going to stand for it.

So I geared Up…

Grabbed my lucky scarf…

And opened the door.

Still interested in my story?

yes still interested

Of Course, they had set an ambush… Right outside my door. Too bad they had no aim, and It was a windy day…

Anyway, I escaped the ambush unscathed, and ran into my Hiding place. My brother had been in this game before, and had hidden some snowballs there. I picked up three and put them in my pocket, grabbed one more, then set out.

Turns out that they had surrounded my whole house, and there was no way to get to higher ground…

…But, Like I said, they have no aim, and I am the queen of dodges (Never got hit once that day…)

It was like the matrix: If we had filmed it and slowed it down, you would have sworn I’d been in bullet time ((Look up a game called Bullettime Fighting))

Whoops… Forgot to tell you…there’s more.

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lol grp its a cool story just shadow plz put it in longer parts

Put it all in the first post…

Nice story I guess…

Keep going :slight_smile:

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It’s great! Write more As Soon As Possible!