Story a llong time ago coz.......

my story in wilderness when im lvl 65 i come to wilderness to mine coal then this lvl 67 challenge me in duel so first i dont want too but when i go back to mine more hes standing in wildt lvl1 he started attack e so i got mad i go back in the bank and get my r2h and my swordies and 1 potion:D i go back with him and hes calling me noob so i attack him so were fightinbg each other my first 4 attacks is 0 but he attacks me 16 and 17 so i ate almost half of my swordie that time when im eating my swordies i drink 1 dose of potion and he called me food waster and i said i dont care so i change my slash attack to cruch then when i hit him i hit 18 then 15 hes dying but im curious hs not eating then last hit 15 hes down im wandering if he has food and the most funny of all were in the boundary of lvl1 wilderness and lvl 0 means u cant attack him he didnt run so woot woot i got full rune and i got shocked he got full pack of tunas so i just gave it to the guy watching us its so weird i think that guy is rich coz im in world 1 that time i think ppls there r rich :smiley: im so lucky so i got another set of full rune and sell it:D:D:D:D

Thats kool.

get a pic?

i wonder y that guy didn’t eat any tuna, but it was a pretty good kill :smiley:

Yesterday, I was fighting someone in wildy. They had tuna with them, and I was hitting 18’s on them with rune battle axe and strength potion. They started running south, and I pursued them. They were level 69, I’m level 79. At level 12 wildy, she had like 1/6 health left. I hit a 6 on her, then like 4 0’s. On the edge of level 10 wildy, I finished her off with a 2. If she ran for a little longer, she would have escaped me. I got rune med helm, strength ammy, and 25 coins. She kept her rune scimmy. She must have used the prayer protect one item.

the 1st guy lied. u can t be a lvl 65 to fite a lvl 67 in lvl 1 wildy.

sry i kinda dont beleive that story u should get a pic nextime :wink:

lol cool story infiltrator…aedrian i kinda dont believe yours since u fought a 67 in level 1 wild when your 65

Maybe, just maybe he gained a new combat level before he got to 1. I believe infiltrators story more though.

wow congrates on the full rune

Pics are almost a requirement for these kind of stories, otherwise there is no way to prove em

Ya, get a pic next time.

ya need pic