str. potions

how much are str. potions to sell

whice ones supers or regulars last time i heard regulars are like 1k each and supers are 3k each

It really depends what world you are in and where you are. In world 1 reg. pots sell for around 1k ea. But, in edgeville, in just a normall small world, I bought around 10 of em for 50 ea.

i have regular ones

then if you read the posts they said 1k lol:D :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

strenght pots are 1k arnt they?

A good deal is one I made with Lutenist a while ago. 3 big bones for 1 strength potion. It was great for me, cause I would get prayer experience and he would get strength potions. =)

kool but wouldnt u get ripped?

not realy big bones go for 300 too 350 range

ok but u would lose 100gp

ah strnegth pots the Steroids of rs though they sell for 1k each it takes foever to sell them you may as well use them yourself.